AFP Launches TV Ad Featuring Doctor's Questions about ObamaCare
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AFP Launches TV Ad Featuring Doctor's Questions about ObamaCare

TV ad will run in several states including Texas, part of a larger effort to educate Americans on the law.

AUSTIN -- Today the Texas chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for economic freedom, announced the launch of the second ad in an effort that highlights the negative consequences of President Obama’s healthcare law. The ad is running in Texas and several other states as part of a larger educational effort intended to reach those who stand to suffer the most under ObamaCare, and educate them on how the law could negatively impact their healthcare.

The new TV ad, called “Doctor Questions,” features the story of Dr. Gallagher, who has questions about how ObamaCare is going to impact her patients and medical practice. She identifies as one of the 65% of doctors who believe more government intervention is detrimental to healthcare. Doctors throughout the country will also be faced with massive new government mandates, rules, and red tape that will mean 190 million hours per year in new paperwork, reducing the amount of time that doctors have to see and take care of their patients.  The threat of new requirements and rising costs has led to an increasing number of private physicians who may have to close their doors.

“ObamaCare has created a slew of unanswered questions for all Americans, but people need to know that doctors are also dealing with incredible uncertainty as the law looms on the horizon," said AFP-Texas Director Peggy Venable. “Dr. Gallagher is rightly concerned about the issues facing her practice as the law is further implemented. Will she be able to spend enough time with the patients who need and deserve her best judgment, or will she bogged down in additional red tape? She's also worried about the health of her own practice, amid reports that many will choose to shut down after implementation. Our advertisement is an antidote to a lot of the misinformation out there. Despite the public relations efforts of the Obama administration, doctors and patients are still in the dark about how they will fare under ObamaCare."


Viewers of the new ad are directed to visit, where an online calculator will assess each individual’s risk of suffering painful effects of the new law, and enable them to share their own risk factors.

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obummmer care
August 02, 2013
Let see so far this illegal law had gone from 2500 pages to over 12,000 pages and still growing and is still not ready to be enforced...

What does that say about this FORCED HEALTH CARE LAW.. Not much..

So, far it has cause RATES TO RISE, DOCTORS TO SAY NO, AND TO LEAVE PRACTICES,,, Less coverage is costing more.. Giving a THE IRS FREEDOMS IT SHOULD NOT HAVE.. like view your MEDICAL RECORDS, with out your APPROVAL, hell without any ones approval..


Contact John Cornyn office and sign his petition to help stop this sorry poorly thought out law,,,