I want a Chicken Coop
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Having a garden around these parts is not big deal. To a lot of city folk, they have never had the experience of going out the yard and picking a fresh tomato. I love gardening every year. I have done it since I was a child.


My dad would tell me go out and go pick him a jalapeno pepper almost every other day. I felt so proud to grow something he loved so much.


My husband was raised in the city. I find it amazing the differences we had growing up. He finds it amazing to go out to the garden and pick a tomato and lettuce from my garden. He loves it though.


Another difference is people pop in all the time here in the country. This is something he does not love. If I am asleep or in the back when someone knocks on the door he gets real quiet. He will tiptoe to the door look out the peep hole and then come report to me.


Even if it is someone he knows, he doesn’t answer the door. He will come find me with this confused look on his face and whisper, “There is someone at the door.” My response is always the same, “Well, answer it.”


I don’t understand why each time we have a pop in, we have to go through this ordeal. He told me growing up, they didn’t answer the door if they didn’t know who it was. I was very confused. I asked him what they did. “Just be quiet until they left,” he told me.


I wonder if I am the only one who finds that weird?


I love how my husband is a city mouse and I am a country mouse. I made a social post about how I wanted a chicken coop and chickens for my mother’s day. I showed him an advertisement that had chicken coops on sale. I called him from the feed store and told him they had black and yellow chickens.


I didn’t get a chicken coop for mother’s day.


Recently a friend popped in and said her husband saw me looking at chickens. She asked me if I had gotten my coop yet. I told her I didn’t think it was going to happen anytime soon. After she left, my husband asked me if I was serious about the chicken coop.


I didn’t understand why he thought I wasn’t serious.  I told him about the chickens I had when I was younger and how our rooster was mean to everyone except me. Of course I told him how fresh eggs are so much better than store bought.


My birthday is next month. Maybe I will get to go a big city restaurant and have sushi then come home and feed the chickens.


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