What do You Want for Your Children?
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I wonder what my son is going to do when he grows up. I worry that he may want to go into show business. I see so many Hollywood tragedies. I look at young entertainers who are accused of  being on drugs, alcoholics, and having personality disorders. I look at older entertainers who lives are over way too early.


My husband is in the entertainment business and he loves it. I wonder if my son is going to want to follow in his fathers footsteps. I am undecided if I would allow him to do so. If I did, I wonder when I would allow him to do so.


My son is only 17 months old and I am already consumed about this. People are always coming up to me and asking me if I am going to try to get him into show business.  I think people assume we are because he is related to Beyonce.  I find that very funny.


I think times have changed. I remember when most parents wanted their children to be doctors or lawyers. Now I hear a lot of parents wanting their children to be athletes, actors, or singers. I dont know if this is because of the money, the fame or both.


I understand that athletes, actors, and singers are very talented. I understand that they have to work very hard. I just dont understand why so many parents want their children to go into a business that is so hard to get into and to thrive in.


I think a lot children now have the desire to be famous and rich. I recently went to a bridal shower and they told a story about the groom. His birthday wish every year even when he was little was, to be a good man.  


No one told him to wish for that, he just did. I think that is special. No matter what profession my son has the desire to be in, I hope he wishes to be a good man no matter what.


I think that is what is important; being a good person. What are you encouraging your child to be?


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