When it comes to Dogs, I side with Caution
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I love controversy. It is almost like a hobby of mine. I like listening to both sides and forming my opinion. I often dont share my opinions because controversy can often to lead to arguments. Even if you arent directly affected by the situation.


I have a distance family member who got divorced over the OJ Simpson trial. They argued about it so much they couldnt live with each other any longer. They reunited five years later.


There has been a lot controversial headlines lately. No matter what your opinion is you can seem to find a news source that backs up your side. I often like to look at the channel that leans the opposite direction than me. I also like looking at social networks and see my friends go back and forth about their opinions. I rarely interact. I will post controversial stories sometimes if it is a no brainer. I once posted a story about a woman caught on camera beating a young child.


I posted my opinion this week about a video of police officers in California shooting a dog. I dont know if it is because my second dad was a police officer before I was born or because my dad served in the military for 20 years, but I am passionate when it comes to law enforcement.


If you have seen the video, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you havent, you probably dont want to see the video. It is very shocking to see the dog get shot. I am going to do a quick recap. Police officers detain a man. While they are detaining him, the mans rottweiler jumps through a car window and approaches the police. The dog is showing aggressive behavior, barking and lunged at the police officers. The dogs owner appeared to try to get the dog to back off but the dog didnt. When the dog lunged toward an officer, he shot the dog four times.


The dog start convulsing and it is very sad. This is where the controversy begins. People are outraged that the police officers shot and killed the dog. I have seem comments about race, about the police department, and the fact that so many people were recording the situation.


Here is what I wrote on my social networking page, So... I just saw a video of cops who shot a dog. People are supposedly upset about it. It was a very, very sad video but if a dog was coming at me and I had a weapon, I would most likely use it. 


One of my friends said his issue with the situation was the officer shot the dog and then shot three more times. Here is my response to him, I seriously enjoy having you as a friend, you challenge me to look at another point of view. I might see your point because if it was me, I probably would have shot the dog 6 or 7 times or however many bullets a gun holds but I am not a professional trained law enforcement officer.


I am a dog lover. I have two dogs of my own. I grew up around dogs. I have been bitten by a neighbors dog. Luckily it wasnt too serious. I am always cautious around dogs I dont know. It doesnt matter if it is a small or large dog. No matter what breed it is, I am cautious.

My husband recently took my son on an overnight trip. I had several rules for him. One of those rules was that my son was not to be around his sisters dogs. I was very clear and serious about this rule. I would like to mention his sister dogs are from my dogs litter. I still didnt trust them because they dont know my son and I dont know those dogs.


I remember a story last year about a familys dog that killed a two month old baby. When it comes to dogs, I always side with caution. When it comes to law enforcement officers, I often to give them the benefit of doubt and realize their lives are in danger every day.


I know seeing a dog being shot is very sad and shocking. I dont find it shocking that anyone would defend themselves against a dog.


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