Lou Gigliotti Announces Run for US Congress 2014
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Rockwall - North Texas Business man, Lou Gigliotti, announced that he will again be running for the Republican

nomination for US congress in Texas, District 4 in 2014.

Lou said, “I am announcing my primary run for the US Congress district 4 seat against 34 year incum-

bent Ralph Hall. With all due respect for his service, times have changed and we need to change the

way Government does business. That will require that we Texans lead the way to reform our -out of

control- Federal Government. NOTHING will change, if we change NOTHING”.

Lou was happy that Ted Cruz, a true conservative, won the hotly contested Senate election in 2012.

“It is time to give Senator Cruz a true conservative fighter to help in the House of Representatives.

That is the reason that I am running. We all know that if we are going to turn this big government

around, it will take more than just a wobbly vote, it will take ‘strong action’ to counter the

unconstitutional direction that America is taking.” Said Gigliotti.

Texas is the last free state in the country and we want to keep it that way!

Lou, a true Constitutional conservative will:

•Bring back Constitutional limits to the government

•Keep our military strong and mostly at home here in the US.

•Downsize Big Government instead of expanding it every year

•Shut down the IRS and replace it with a fair or flat tax.

•Never again raise the debt limit. The borrowing on our kid’s future must stop!

•Defund Obama care and get back to the greatest health care system on the planet

•Shut down our border completely with more than just words

•End the government handouts to Illegals! NO AMNESTY!

•Protect Life and protect the unborn

•End the EPA and Department of Interior instead of failed attempts at controlling them

•End the Department of Education and bring our money and control back to the state of Texas

Gigliotti says: “The government does not make anything. They take too much from the workingmen

and women of this great nation and squander it! That has to stop.

They are taking more freedoms every day. Constant erosion of our Liberty, and Congressmen who

will not stand up to the establishment are speeding up the process. They keep chipping away at our

freedoms year after year and if we don’t send people to Washington D.C. who will fight to keep our

freedom alive then we are going to wake up one day and wonder what happened.

“Old Time Politics are what got us into this mess and it is time to break away from the past where

Government is the answer and let the people have their government back!”

Lou is looking forward to a spirited campaign and a serious debate with all the candidates to see who

offers the best choice to change things in Washington D.C. and get back to what our Framers and the

Constitution intended. We have not seen any change toward Freedom and Liberty in the last 34

years so the time has come to send a new vocal Constitutional conservative to Washington DC.

We are confident that the voters will choose Lou Gigliotti for this mission.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people, NOT for the Politicians.

Lou Gigliotti has been in Texas since 1983 running a successful business in Wylie and Plano. His

Company, LG Motorsports, is a leader in performance car parts for Corvette and Camaro cars.

Gigliotti is building a new 55,000 square foot facility in Plano. Lou is also a 3-time National Racing

champion and a certified Math teacher. You can see more information at www.LouForCongress.com

or contact via e-mail at LouForCongress12@Gmail.com or call his cell at 214-679-8907.

District 4 stretches from: Sherman (Grayson county) to Texarkana, nearly 200 miles wide and from

the Red River south approximately 100 miles.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday March 4th.

Plan on voting to FIX this government mess.

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