I am going to Roll with the Punches
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Life is ironic. I am ready to have another child but yet the stork doesnt have me on his list yet. However, I know someone who is pregnant with their sixth child who didnt want another child. I think bumps in the road of life is what makes life worth living sometimes.


Once I was craving a certain Asian dish and I went to three stores and couldnt find the special ingredient I needed. I should mention the stores were in two different towns. I made a plan to get the ingredient in Austin the next time I was there. I stocked up and packed it back to East Texas. I saw the ingredient at my local grocery store  the very next day.


That is how life goes. I dont know the answers to why it happens like that but it does.


With my son, I wanted one of those baby swings. I couldnt find one that I deemed safe. The first one wobbled way to much. I thought it was defective.  I was terrified the swing would tip over. We went and got another one and it wobbled just as much.  We took it back. The next one we got was even worse than the first two. It was made out of really cheap tubing. I seriously wondered why a store would even carry the swing. Some of my family members thought I may be a little too picky about the swing. It looked like an obvious health hazard to me. I quickly returned it. I would like to point out about three months after I returned it I got a recall notice in the mail. I spent hours online looking for the perfect swing. I finally found the one I wanted and when it arrived I was very happy. It didnt wobble at all, it was very sturdy, and it even played music. It was perfect. My baby hated it.


But that is how life goes isnt it? You pack an umbrella for months in your car and it never rains. You take it out of your call and it pours. When I was in high school each time I would straighten my hair it would rain and curl right back up. I would be so frustrated I wouldnt do my hair for a month or so and sure enough when I finally mustered up the courage to do it again, it rained. .


I often think about television personality, Giuliana Rancic.  She struggled to maintain a pregnancy. When she was ready to try in vitro fertilization again, she found out she had breast cancer. She couldnt get pregnant of course while doing her cancer treatments. Irony can be a good thing I guess. It wasnt for her having fertility issues and her want of a baby, her cancer would have probably been undetected. She had a son through a surrogate shortly after her cancer treatment. Her husband joked that the baby was going to be spoiled because he played a big party in saving his moms life.


Even though I may be a little jealous how ironic it is that those who are trying to get pregnant sometimes have a hard time and others who dont want to be pregnant end up pregnant. I am just going to roll with it and see what happens because that is how life goes.



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