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Here are some other laws the public may not be aware of:
1.  All dogs and cats in East Texas must have PROOF of rabies vaccination EVERY year. (Some counties allow the three year vaccine - but none in East Texas).
2.  The rabies vaccination MUST be given by a licensed veterinarian.
3.  It is against the law for anyone to give rabies besides a licensed vet. 
4. It is against the law to buy rabies vaccinations unless you are a vet and it is against the law for a vet to sell vials of rabies vaccine.
5. If you own a pet, you must provide fresh food and water daily.
6. It is against the law to tie your dog outside and leave it there more than four hours on a ten foot long chain and it cannot be too cold, too hot, raining, etc. (anti-tethering law - unlawful restraint)
7. If a dog is tied outside four hours, shelter and water must be available.
8. It is against the law to tie the dog outside at night - between dusk and dawn.
9. It is also against the law to let your dog run free in the city limits. Solution - get a pen, keep it in the house, keep it in a utility room or bathroom.  
10. It is unadvisable to allow a country dog to run free but not against the law.  If a free running country dog damages neighbors property, the dog owner is responsible and must pay damages. 
11. If you don't want to keep your dog in a pen or in the house and want to get rid of it, it is against the law to take your dog and dump it somewhere else. This is not only illegal but irresponsible and rude and thoughtless to  dump your problems on someone else. When you get a pet, it is a lifelong commitment and you must accept responsibility. (animal abandonment) 
12. It is against the law to dump your animal at a veterinary clinic or even at an animal shelter after hours. Everyone has surveillance cameras these days and you WILL be arrested! If you decide not to keep your pet, find her a home with a friend or relative or pay the surrender fee for the new no-kill shelters so they will be able to place her with someone that wants her.  Owner surrendered animals taken to a high kill shelter are usually not given the three day hold if the shelter is overpopulated. They can be immediately taken to the kill room. No kill shelters are run and financed by volunteers and MUST charge a fee if you want to give up your pet.
13. It is against the law in some cities in Texas to sell puppies or kittens less than a year old. This discourages overbreeding, puppy mills, and helps prevent the overflow of homeless animals. This law may be adopted by more cities.
14. You are not allowed to have more than eleven unspayed female dogs or cats. If you do, you must pay huge fees and are required to be inspected. (puppy mill reform laws)
15. You are not allowed to sell more than 20 animals per year. If you do, you must pay huge fees and are required to be inspected.
16. It is against the law to attend dog or cock fights. It is against the law to own or train a dog or cock to fight.
17.  If you are convicted of animal cruelty, you must pay penalties, court costs, PLUS you must pay the expenses your animal(s) incurred for treatment and boarding during the court process.
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