Who needs a summer break?
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I always declare it is summertime with the end of the school year. I don
t look forward to this time of the year. I see children in my neighborhood doing nothing. I see my adolescent family members telling their parents they are bored and need money to go to the mall.


During my youth my summers were fun but I also had to go to summer school each year. My summer school was given by my mother. One summer we studied art. I think my favorite summer school session was reading. Each week I had to go to the library and get two books. One book was my choice the other was my mothers. I had to give oral reports each time.


I dont know why my mom made me go to her home grown summer school. She was a teacher and knew how important education is. I also think she didnt want me getting bored and bothering her. I am appreciative.


I am a proponent of year-round school. I do not see how children can benefit from taking a nearly three month break. I am not even factoring in that during the last two weeks of school they are barely learning anything. I also remember the first two weeks of school were usually just getting settled in.


It just doesnt make sense to me how stopping the learning process for an extended time can help young growing minds. There are studies that show when low income students performance improves in a year-round environment. Another possible positive about year-round school is it can help provide relief with daycare.


I am sure a lot of students, parents, and teachers are throwing up their arms right now. I realize that year round school costs more money. I realize that for most teachers they enjoy their summer break and feel as if it gives them time to regroup.


I also realize that families get together during the summer break. I know spending time with family matters and decreases stress. Year-round school doesnt mean you dont get breaks. I am just saying that surely there could be a system where children dont go for three months without education.


I know this little rant of mine will not change the school system. I do hope that it makes parents think about how exactly their children spend their summer. I hope parents will skip a trip to the mall or the movies a couple of times a month and maybe take their children to the library.


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