How do you label your parenting style?
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Celebrity moms crack me up. I love how they go on television talking about attachment parenting. I love how they sound all knowing. I don’t label my parenting style but if I did it would be something like deep country urban cowgirl style.


When celebrities talk about co-sleeping I always think about my 90 year old mother’s homestead. It was a two bedroom house with an outhouse. She had 12 brothers and sisters. Co-sleeping wasn’t a style, it was a necessity. My son sleeps with us. Not because it part of attachment parenting and not because it is a necessity. My son sleeps with me because it is easier.


Another part of attachment therapy is breastfeeding. I remember when Beyonce was photographed in public breastfeeding and how much praise she got. I didn’t choose it because of special bonding or because it was part of the attachment plan. I nursed because it was good for baby and natural. I have to be admit another reason was nursing is cheaper and easier.  Some celebrity mom’s seem like they scold other’s who don’t choose to nurse. I don’t look down on moms who choose not to nurse.


There is a new hot trend of baby wearing. This is the practice of using a sling to carry your baby around. They advocate how it calms the baby and how it increases the sensitivity of the parents. I don’t know how scientific that is. I can however vouch that you can get the kitchen floor mopped when you have your baby strapped to you. My mother tells me stories of how her mom would tie a baby to her and go to the field and pick greens or whatever crop needed picking. When I was preparing for my son there were very few things that I bought brand new. One of the things I bought was a wrap for baby wearing. I love my wrap; however I still can’t believe I spent about $50 on a piece of fabric. I will not make that mistake again. Next time I need a sling I am heading to the fabric store.


I used cloth diapers for almost a year. A lot of celebrity moms swear by them. Once again my choice was driven by finances and not a particular style choice. Today’s cloth diapers are very easy to use and clean. My mom was in awe about my new aged cloth diapers. She said there were nothing like the cloth diapers she used.


I am sure most celebrity moms are just like us normal mothers. They are trying to get through each day with a happy, healthy baby.


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