GREYSTAR Red River Flats keeps the “Harlem Shake” ALIVE
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GREYSTAR Red River Flats keeps the “Harlem Shake” ALIVE.

AUSTIN, TEXAS—The “Harlem Shake” has not faded away just yet.  GREYSTAR Red River Flats, a downtown Austin apartment community is holding a community wide event to do the 30 second dance that went viral back in February 2013.  GREYSTAR Red River Flat’s dedication to the Austin Live Music scene is just a starter of what the community’s culture is all about.  The event is scheduled for Sunday, May 19th @ 1.45pm and is open to anyone wishing to have some fun.

Located in the heart of the Red River Music District, GREYSTAR Red River Flats enjoys adding to the swagger and edge of the district.  The recent dance video that went viral on Youtube back in February will be the latest contribution to the district.

As in true Harlem Shake Fashion, The Greystar Red River Flats “Harlem Shake” will begin with one person wearing an oversized helmet dancing to the song alone for 15 seconds, surrounded by people walking down Red River St. or sitting on their balconies, not paying attention and unaware of the dancing individual. As the song, by electronic musician Baauer, drops after 15 seconds, the entire crowd will begin a crazy convulsive dance for the rest of the video.   In the second half of the video, residents will be wearing crazy outfits and costumes.  

The brainchild behind keeping the “Shake” alive is Greystar Red River Flats resident, Emily Liddle, who was wanted to do something different for her 30th birthday.

“I’m really excited that our management team is helping to pull this off.  I have always wanted to do something beyond fun that includes all of my friends here in the building,” Liddle said.

The management team constantly focuses on keeping the fun community culture going and is always looking for new ideas to keep the community active in the Live Music Capital.

“Being at the heart of everything we love about music and keeping our residents excited about being part of our circle of friends is important for us.”  Community Manager, Nelia Morago, excitedly said, “When Emily approached us, she knew we be all for it!”

The Greystar management team will have the video recorded and uploaded to Youtube as part of their gift to Emily Liddle.  The entire Austin community is invited to attend.  The attendance goal is 1000 people.
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