Blood is thicker than water
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Blood is thicker than water

     During my formative years my parents cherished close family ties.  We attended family reunions on both sides of our family.  Two things that I especially looked forward to at those reunions were being with cousins and the good food.  We still have at least one family get together every year, which includes both sides of our family. 

     The expression:  “blood is thicker than water” has been used as long as I can remember as family loyalties being greater than friends.  Many of the old Western movies portray a brother seeking revenge upon someone who has killed his brother.  Now his brother may have been a bank robber or an otherwise scoundrel, but his living brother still felt duty bound to avenge him.

     It is my understanding that the expression:  “blood is thicker than water” originally meant the very opposite of how it is general understood today.  In ancient times there were blood friendship rituals among Arabs as custom symbolizing bonds stronger than family ties.  They looked upon the blood ritual being greater than the water of the womb.

     The Native Americans in whom Europeans mistakenly referred to as “Indians” had a custom among several tribes of two people cutting their wrist so that their blood would flow.  They would then bind their wrist together so that their blood would flow into one another’s veins.  In this way they became blood brothers.

Dub Mowery is a Gospel preacher in the Church of Christ. Presently he serves as full time evangelist for the Pittsburg Church of Christ. A native of Southeast Oklahoma, he is the author of Colloquial Sayings & Expressions (Morris Publishing, 2008)

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