Local runners participate in SIDS 5K
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SUPPORTING THE SIDS Causes Heartache 5K in downtown Longview on April 21: Top, from left: Hannah Bible, Breanne Denton, Tami Denton, Chris Harmon, Becky Harmon, Mikenna Denton, Rachel Green, Ashley Hodgin. Second row: Morgan Miner, Brooklyn Dawson, Jaici Pilcher, Van Miner, Lynn Ann Williams, Michelle Williams, Michelle Ferguson, Allison McComb, Stephanie Denton, Annabelle Miles, Angela Moore. Third row: Kelli Miner, Ella Williams, Jordan Stratton, Kim Dodd, Nichole Green, Christian Bowden, Teresa Bowden. Front: Charlee Moore, Keira Thompson, Alex. Not pictured: Jaime Pilcher
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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS is a topic many people find difficult to discuss. Many say that unless you are a parent who has lost a child to SIDS, it is impossible to understand the level of pain. One minute your child is alive. The next, he or she is gone.

Jordan Tefteller Stratton, a Gilmer native, recently lost her infant son, Jonesy to SIDS. The syndrome is exactly what it says — the sudden, unexpected death of a baby under the age of one that occurs while the infant is thought to be sleeping.

There usually are no warnings or symptoms, no clues that such a tragedy can occur. But each year, about 2,500 deaths in the United States will be attributed to SIDS

The cause of SIDS is still an enigma, but researchers have been optimistic over the past decade about new advances in the search for answers, as well as a marked reduction in SIDS rates. The decline is credited to medical studies and a public education campaign that warn about the increased risk of SIDS in babies sleeping on their stomachs or sharing a bed with an adult or older child. Despite those advances, SIDS remains the No. 1 cause of infant death.

Jordan, who currently lives in Wyoming, had to make the heartbreaking trip to Texas to bury her baby. Even more devastating , she buried him next to his sister, Tess, who was also a victim of SIDS three years ago. Jordan, along with a large group of her friends and family, participated in a SIDS Awareness 5K in Longview on April 21. The event raised funds to go towards raising awareness of SIDS and towards research to find answers to the many unanswered factors surrounding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Many of Jordan’s supporters received medals in the 5K. The team plans to continue participation in the event annually and hopes that maybe their participation can help bring just a little peace to Jordan’s heart and maybe save another mother from having to go through such a tragedy. To find out ways to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, visit the American SIDS Institute at www.sids.org/nprevent.htm
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