Ten More Reasons to shop at the Clothes Closet
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Picture frames can be repurposed into all kinds of things: a bulletin board, a chalkboard, a jewelry display, or as shown here, a photo collage.
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Ten More Reasons to shop at the Clothes Closet

If you have never shopped at Gilmer’s premiere thrift store – the Clothes Closet – you have missed a real treat. The Clothes Closet is a mission of the First United Methodist Church. It is operated entirely by volunteers and 99.9% of the monies collected gets returned to the community. (We use a little bit to purchase any supplies that are not donated to us.) In 2012, the Clothes Closet gave more than $50,000 to local organizations including the Upshur County Shares Food Bank and Upshur County Child Protective Services.

If supporting your local community isn’t enough of a reason to shop at the Clothes Closet, here are ten more reasons you should come see what’s in store:

    1. FABRIC – Yes, a lot of our merchandise is clothing. But you can do so much more with clothing than just wear it. You can get just the right fabric you need for a quilt, or a pillow, or any other craft project. Most clothing sells for only a quarter a piece and we get tons of “new” inventory every week.

    1. NOTIONS – Have you checked the price of buttons lately? Buttons sell for a dollar and more at craft stores. You can find unique, and in some cases antique, buttons at the Clothes Closet for only 25 cents for however many buttons are on the garment. You can also harvest lace, zippers, embroidered patches, and other notions for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase those items new.

    1. FRAMES – Get the perfect frame for school pictures, family photos, or snapshots of your pets. Create your own collage by placing multiple photos, scrapbook-style, in a large frame. Or re-purpose a frame as a bulletin board, chalkboard, or a wall hanging. Frames sell for as little as, you guessed it, 25 cents. Larger frames cost $2 - $5.

    1. FAUX FINE DINING – You can make redneck wine glasses, redneck pilsners, redneck cake stands and other unique serving items with just a few odds and ends and a little bit of glue. The pieces for a redneck wineglass cost about thirty-five cents at the Clothes Closet. The finished product costs $15 or more at Canton.

    1. SUITCASES – Old suitcases make great under-the-bed-storage. Customers also buy old suitcases to make dress-up costume wardrobes for little princeses, to use as a coffee table or shelves, or as vintage room décor. Really nice ones actually get used for travel.

    1. TIES – There are so many things you can do with a tie besides wrap it around your neck. You can make a purse or a skirt or a quilt or a snake. Ties cost a quarter, too.

    1. T-SHIRT BAGS – T-shirt bags are easy to make – and make a great craft project for school-age kids. Just take a plain, short-sleeved t-shirt. Cut off the sleeves; the remaining shoulder straps make the bag’s handles. Cut the bottom edge of the t-shirt into strips 1 inch wide, about 6 inches long. Tie the strips together, front-to-back, to close off the bottom of the bag. Embellish as desired. Use a child-size shirt for a handbag. Use adult sizes for carry-alls and grocery totes.

    1. PLACEMATS – Vinyl or plastic placemats make great drawer liners. Usually little or no trimming is required for a standard-sized drawer. Quilted placemats can be used to make pot holders, eyeglass cases, book covers and more. Two placemats sewn together make a cute apron. And here’s a novel idea: You can use placemats to protect your table and your dinnerware. Just put a placemat on your table before you sit down to eat. Place your plate and drink on the placemat, and voila! Easy clean-up.

    1. COLLECTIBLES – Whether you are into birds, bells, books, or boots, chances are you will find something you just have to have when you shop at the Clothes Closet.

    1. INSPIRATION – There are thousands of items at the Clothes Closet. If you have an open mind, an artistic bent, an acquisitive nature, or a creative flair, it is almost a guarantee that you will find inspiration here.

The Clothes Closet is located on the corner of Montgomery and Buffalo, across the street from the First United Methodist Church in Gilmer, Texas. The thrift store is open two days a week, on Thursdays and Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to noon. Donations are welcome anytime and can be left on the front porch.



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