A Game to Prepare Students for College
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Dear Editor, 

We have designed a human sized board game (similar to a huge Monopoly board) to motivate and prepare High School students for the transition to College.   It's called Road To College Success.

We are introducing the game to area High Schools and Colleges by offering a free onsite demo.  Select the pictures below to see a video of how the game is played. There is also a link to our website.


Below is a list of some area schools that are currently using the game:

Clear Creek ISD

Deer Park ISD

Goose Creek ISD

Katy ISD  

Sheldon ISD

Pasadena ISD

Houston ISD

Cypress Fairbanks ISD

Texas Southern University

College of the Mainland

Boys and Girls Club of Houston





A Game to Prepare Students for College

Road To College Success Game Picture Stylized

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 WIN Multimedia Designs, in Houston-TX, releases a new games for high school Counselors and Freshmen Orientation Leaders called Road To College Success. 


Road To College Success is a human-sized board game designed to motivate high school students towards College and prepare freshman for College life in a FUN, UPBEAT, and INTERACTIVE WAY.


Players have 3 goals during game play.  They must,

    1- Register for 4 classes,

    2- Manage their personal College financial budget, and

    3- Discuss college-life scenarios presented during play. 


With its unique human-sized board, players are the pawn as they walk around the board interacting with one another and the game leaders.  This is not only a fun game, but an educational tool for high school and college administrators.  


An overview of the game is on www.winmds.com, intuitive instructions are provided in the game, and free on-site demos are offered.




Article Publication (High School)


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Preparing High Schoolers for College in a Fun, Unique Way

Polls show that students ages 15 to 21 feel unprepared for college, and 20 to 30% of high schoolers will not graduate.  

When asked why, 500 high school dropouts gave the following reasons:

47% said classes were not interesting

43% missed too many days to catch up

45% felt unprepared by earlier schooling

69% not motivated (HS topics not relevant)

35% said they were failing

25% left for other "family-based" reasons


Many efforts are focused on motivating students to find and enroll in a College, but more attention needs to be given to preparing students for life in College.  They need to know

what's ahead as they enter an environment very different from high school. 


Eliminating these unknowns by using relevant, interesting material in college preparatory classes may decrease these percentages. Many high school college preparatory programs

are tackling these issues, but finding the right curriculum mix is always a challenge.




One company, WIN Multimedia Design, has tackled this task by developing an innovative, interactive game called Road To College Success.  With its unique human-sized board, players are the pawns as they walk around the board interacting with one another and the game leaders. 


Top 8 Benefits of Road To College Success:


1 - Motivates Students towards the Decision for College & Sets A Winning Path


2 - Addresses the Uncertainty Students have about in an Upbeat Way


3 - Students Love the High Interaction of being the game pawns & mana


4 - Teaches Money Management Skills


5 - Fits perfectly with AVID & GEAR-UP programs in high schools.


6-  A solution for addressing student's transition to post-secondary education.


7- Energizes and provides a warm welcome to any college's freshmen orientation program.


8- A practical, upbeat activity for Resident Advisor floor meetings.


During the game students must register for 4 classes, manage their personal budget, and respond to common college-life scenarios.  These scenarios are designed to reduce the unknowns about college living.  There are 5 focal discussion topics in the game.


Dorm Life

Mutual respect and communication are two important factors when it comes to successfully living with roommates and handling conflict. The game provides guidance for dorm or shared living.


Social Life         

College is a wonderful time to meet new people.  Encouraging social interaction and campus involvement is the focus of the game.  However, warnings about over-committing and proper priorities are also given to provide balance.


Health & Safety

Transitioning from high school to college can sometimes be difficult for students.  They are exploring a new environment and discerning new interactions.  As a result, it is common for students to experience stress and gain weight.   During the course of the game issues such as personal safety, health and stress will be addressed.


Academic and Schedule Management  

In college, students arrange their own schedule, and professors expect student independence.  Therefore, the earlier schedule management and personal responsibility are taught the better.  The game provides guidance in these areas.


Money Management and Budgeting  

College is probably the first time many students begin managing money without parental supervision.  Therefore, learning money management skills is crucial.  College students also receive many credit card solicitations, so they must learn to avoid credit pitfalls.   The game is designed to teach players the importance of a budget and the pitfalls when spending becomes sporadic. 


Road To College Success is definitely a tool you want to consider for your high school. More information can be found at www.winmds.com.  You can contact the company at 713.494.6996 for a free onsite demo.  


About Us

Witty Inventions iN (WIN) Multimedia Designs is a multimedia design and production company that has it's roots in designing of innovative, interactive games.  We have been professionals in the media design industry for over 20 years.  

At WIN, we want students to like learning, live responsibly and be lights to the World. We accomplish this by providing INNOVATIVE learning tools that infuse energy and excitement into school programs.


WIN Multimedia Designs

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Houston, Texas 77054


Website: www.winmds.com

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The Road To College Success and TABLECHAT games are copyright products of WIN Multimedia Designs.


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