“Beretta, leave Maryland; come to Frog Level, Louisiana!” says Alderwoman
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“Beretta, leave Maryland; come to Frog Level, Louisiana!” says Alderwoman.

“Gun manufacturer Beretta USA is considering leaving Maryland because of new anti-gun proposals by legislators,” stated Rodessa, Louisiana Alderwoman Penny Harville. ”The citizens of Rodessa (formerly Frog Level), Louisiana are freedom-loving supporters of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights,” she continued.  “We esteem the 2nd amendment and hold manufactures of firearms in high regard.  We would be honored to have Beretta USA consider North Caddo Parish as a new possible location for any part of their gun manufacturing operations.  We have the infrastructure they need just a few miles south of town on Highway 1.”

The last time Maryland made moves to limit access to arms Beretta USA moved their warehouse operations to the more gun-friendly state of Virginia.

“Let me quote Beretta General Counsel Jeffery Reh,” said Penny Harville, ‘We literally are part of the arsenal of democracy,’ close quote,” she continued.  “I think most of us here in Louisiana would agree with that.  Louisiana is an ‘open carry’ state; Rodessa is an ‘open carry town’.  We would be proud to have our citizens wearing new Berettas on their hips.”

“Louisiana has a strong work force ready and willing to work, and recently we've had an influx of steel manufacturing to our state thanks to Governor Bobby Jindal’s business friendly policies,“ said Mrs. Harville.

Louisiana is known as the ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’.  “The Beretta Family would certainly fit right in here with their rich sporting past which spans 500 years of making some of the finest handguns and legendary shotguns in the world,” said Harville.

The Alderwoman finished on a personal note, “My husband taught me how to shoot using a Beretta .25.  It was the gun his father bought for his mother in 1958”. 

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February 28, 2013
Maryland dosen't deserve Beretta - nor the millions of dollars the company brings to the state. Louisiana is more centrally located, & offers a rich history of protecting the 2nd Amendment.

Maryland's U.N. controlled democrats may want to destroy the Bill of Rights, but Beretta wont find such totalitarian collaborators or unamerican traitors in Louisiana!

God Bless America & Beretta's new manufacturing plant !
February 27, 2013
Here is a great Facebook page for those of us that want to support the gun and ammo manufacturers that are now refusing to sell their firearms to governments actively trying to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights.