Response to Gov. Rick Perry’s State of the State Address
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Response to Gov. Rick Perry’s State of the State Address

Peggy Venable, Director, Americans for Prosperity-Texas

Tax relief and school choice are issues Texans can get excited about. 

 In his 7th State of the State Address, Gov. Rick Perry outlined a plan for the Lone Star State which will keep Texans working and continue to build our economy.  

Gov. Perry announced a plan to provide taxpayers with tax relief of $1.98 billion over this biennium.  Returning a surplus to the taxpayers is important.  Taxpayers spend our money better than government does.

A key element of an effective tax and expenditure limitation requires a mechanism to return tax money to those who pay it – current Texas law does not allow for that and must be changed. 

The Governor’s website, Tax Relief for Texans, is a new tool which Texans can use to provide their own input.  That reveals the Governor’s interest in reminding citizens that we don’t work for government, but government should be working for us. 

Texas is the top state for job creation and more businesses move to Texas than any other state.  We at Americans for Prosperity believe Texas is a living testament to the power of prosperity fueled by free enterprise. 

The Governor’s calls to expand charter schools and provide more school choice are on the top of AFP-Texas legislative agenda as is making a college education more affordable. 

AFP has called on Texas not to expand Medicaid nor set up state exchanges and are supportive of the Governor’s position to not drive millions more into an unsustainable system which will bankrupt this state.  Every government program places costs on taxpayers. 

Decisions made today will determine what Texas looks like 40 years from now and future Texans are counting on prudent fiscal policies being enacted. 

We call on legislators to join the Governor in focusing on the important special interest group – our students.

We will be looking closely at how the leadership plans to build infrastructure in Texas.  Providing infrastructure for water and roads are an appropriate role of government and could be a prudent investment in the future of our state and our economy.

The Texas economy is the envy of the country and the Governor is staying the course to keep Texas an economic leader. 

Freedom is indeed the best anecdote (sic) to poverty. 


Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen-leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. For more information, visit

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