Firearms Discussion (Part V): “Reasonable” or “Sensible” Firearms Policies?
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President Obama routinely promotes his firearms policies with the adjectives “reasonable” or “sensible,” and he probably believes quite sincerely that his proposals are just that. Implicit in such adjectives, however, is that those who disagree with him (including, I suppose, the framers of the National Firearms Act of 1934 or the Gun Control Act of 1968) are un-reasonable or non-sensible. Some of the president’s proposed policies, however, are not evidently “reasonable” or “sensible.”


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Joseph J Takacs
January 30, 2013
It's not up to him to decide what is reasonable and sensible. The 2nd Amendment makes no note to that effect. We have the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, not what nobama decides.t.shuman