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AUSTIN — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples wrote an editorial for the Austin American-Statesman on the need for sensible immigration reform. Below is an excerpt followed by a new quote concerning the news of immigration policies being unveiled today and tomorrow.


“For real immigration reform to take place, we must establish a policy that secures our borders, enforces existing laws and implements a Penalty-Not-Pardon plan. We also must revamp our failed visa system for guest workers and international day laborers, and modernize our ports. This framework for reform allows us to deal with the most vexing problem of how to manage the millions of undocumented in a manner that doesn’t undermine our sovereignty, grow government, wreck our economy or disrespect the dignity of those fleeing oppression and seeking opportunity.”


To read the Commissioner’s full column, click here.


“While it is encouraging to hear this morning’s news that Washington is finally focused on immigration reform, our leaders in Washington need to hear that changing our current citizenship process is not necessary to repairing our broken immigration system,” Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said. “Any new policies must focus on securing our border and addressing workforce needs. We can be pro-legal immigration and pro-economy without creating a situation where we encourage future illegal entry.”




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Joe M.
January 29, 2013
The so call great eight.. have already open their mouth.. watch for the flood.. you have lets say 7 million of the so called 11 million are in the lower to poor income group.. what is that going to do to obama care,,, your health insurance cost? Besides how are they going to pay for all these fancy programs...

people you need to contact the people that represent you and make your voice heard.. If not it will be crammed down your throat...

enough said...