I had a Horrible Day
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Have you ever had a day where everything went wrong? I did. One of my favorite aunts passed away and they had her funeral in Hobbs, New Mexico. I decided I would drive to the funeral and then go to El Paso to see my dad and mom which is about four hours away.


The funeral was on a Saturday and I had to work on Sunday and Monday. Since I work from home, I was allowed to work from the hotel room in El Paso.


The day started off well enough. I spent some time with my family then drove to see my grandpa on the other side of town. I left my husband and baby at my dads house. I took my 90 year old mother with me so she could visit with my grandpa.


When I arrived I told my grandpa, I could only stay for an hour because I had to be at work at three. As we left, I told my mom we would get something to eat on the way back. This is when the day turned.


Traffic was horrible. It took longer than expected to get back to the hotel. I only had 20 minutes before I had to get to work. I decided to get barbecue for lunch because it was right next door to the hotel. I went in to order and I stood in line for over five minutes and they had not even taken my order. I said forget it.


I went back to the car and told my mom I didnt have time to get food. I drove to the hotel and went to the truck to get out my moms walker. It was jammed. I could not get the waker to open. At one point I literally threw the walker on the ground hoping it would un-jam it. Finally I got the walker open. I got my mom out and pushed her inside the hotel. I went to the elevator and realized I was in the wrong hotel. Thats correct. During my rush to get back to the hotel, I went to the hotel next to my hotel. I had to get my mom back in the car, the walker back in the truck and drive to the correct hotel.


When we got to the correct hotel, I got the walker and my mom out and rushed inside. When we got to our room, my key didnt work. I hate electronic keys but that is a whole different story. I left my mom in the hallway, ran downstairs frantic to get a key. I noticed I only had four minutes to clock into work. The nice hotel employee gave me my new key and I ran back to the room. I got my mom in, turned on my computer and logged into work with less than a minute to spare.


As soon as I got to work, my boss messaged me and said, Um, MaLu, did you forget about the time difference? 


I was spent. I was an hour late to work because I forgot about the time difference. Sometimes things just dont go your way. You can plan everything out and double check everything and things still will go wrong.


My husband thought it was hilarious I went to the wrong hotel. How could you not realize you were at the wrong hotel? My husband also mentioned how he was very happy that he was not with me at the time because he knew I was very angry. Which I was. However, now that I look back at the day, it was hilarious. I did all that planning, rushed around, got very upset and it was all for nothing. My boss wasnt mad because I do not make a habit of being late.


I learned that sometimes when things dont go your way it doesnt have to be a bad day. Sometimes you just have to submit and say today is not going the way I planned it to be and go with the flow.


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