I forgive Lance Armstrong
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I have never seen a single episode of the Oprah show or any of her specials. I won’t watch the special with Lance Armstrong either. I am intrigued how he handles admitting he deceived thousands of people. I decided not to watch the special because I don’t believe he was truthful and sincere during the special.


There have plenty of athletes who have been caught using performance enhancing drugs. I vaguely remember Marion Jones admitting she was guilty of using banned substances during her 2000 Sydney Olympic games. I remember there were tears and apologies.


I wonder if Lance cried during his apology. I also wonder why athletes cheat. Is it because of their egos? Do they want to be the best so they can have adoring fans? Do they do it for the money? A little bit of both maybe.


Former anti-doping chief of the Olympic said only 10 percent of drug cheats are being caught at the Olympics. I have heard extreme measures athletes go through to not get caught doping. I wonder if it is worth it? I guess if you don’t get caught it might be.


I would think that the guilt itself would tear away at a person. How can you go to charity events and encourage other people, knowing it was a complete lie.  How do you live with yourself knowing the empire you have created is based on lies and deception.


That is what baffles me about the entire Lance Armstrong scandal. He was such a role model to so many cancer patients and survivors. I wonder what excuse Lance will use as to why he used banned substances. I would like the honest truth. I would love to hear him say, I cheated because I wanted the fame, the glory, and the money. I would love to hear him say, I only cared about myself and my image.


There are those who think he admitting his downfall because it is part of a plan to rehab his image. I heard the ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith say, “I want him to suffer.” I agree. I don’t think it is fair for him to get caught then apologize and then everything to be forgiven right away. Lance Armstrong gained a lot of money from his deception.


I don’t think America should just forgive him. I realized that a lot of good came from his efforts; but I don’t think it is fair that he profits from his lies.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $500 million dollars worth of shares to charity recently. He has not been caught in any sort of scandal. He has pledged to give away more than half of his fortune through The Giving Pledge.


I think we should highlight people who are givers and be harder on those that deceive and cheat. I once saw a short segment about a baseball player who went out of his way for children with cancer. I can’t even remember his name which is sad.


Stephen A. Smith also talks about how God talks about forgiveness. I am going to take the Bible’s words to heart. I have already forgiven Lance Armstrong. However, in the same paragraph, I will no longer look up to him and will encourage others not to look up to him. I hope Lance Armstrong  faces whatever legal actions are due to him.


I can forgive him but I can not support him.


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