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If you have been fortunate enough to stay healthy this season, congratulations! You're one of the lucky few. This flu season has been particularly virulent with almost everyone being affected. Keep your immune system in top shape with our recommended flu prevention supplements below.


If you happen to come down with the flu, however, we can still help with some of our fast acting and very nifty IVs.


The first eight supplements described below are part of our basic recommended flu prevention regimen.


Vitamin A: There are 2 types of vita  min A: 1) Fat soluble from fish liver oil, and 2) water soluble from Beta Carotene. Vitamin A is called the anti-infection vitamin and is a great protector for skin, which is the body's first line of defense. Micellized or liquid Vitamin A, from Beta Carotene is great for the lung lining and for moving phlegm out of the lungs.


Buffered Vitamin C: Always, daily. At least 2,000 mg. daily for a healthy immune system. Can increase to 4,000-5,000 mg daily adults or up to bowel tolerance.


Vitamin D3: A fat-soluble, pro-hormone vitamin, Vitamin D3 encourages absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so as to slow down bone density loss. Vitamin D also arms the immune system against colds and flu. People who get plenty of sunshine year around (islands or deep South) do not need half as much Vitamin D as someone who lives in the northern areas of the United States, where there are much shorter days and colder and cloudier climates. Dosage: Winter months: 5,000 IU, once or twice daily. Summer: 1,000-2,000 IU per day if there is at least 1-2 hours of sunlight on various parts of skin.


Fish Oils: A great form of healthy triglycerides, fish oils help with oxidative stress to the body. This supplement is an effective anti-inflammatory, immune system booster, heart protector, anti-aging, and also good for lubricating joints in cases of arthritis. Dosage: 2 to 4 softgels daily, totaling at least 300 to 400mg. of EPA and 200-300 mg. of DHA.


IGG-2000: Bovine Colostrum for anyone with a compromised immune system or weakened constitution. Dosage: 2 or 3 capsules daily.


Iodine: A very important trace mineral, iodine is crucial for the thyroid gland and for the metabolism of the body. Iodine ensures the programmed cell death (apoptosis) which is essential in the formation of new organ cells and the removal of damaged or diseased cells. Dosage: 1 Mg (1,000 mcg) to 12.5 Mg. once daily for thryoid health. Kelp is also a good food form for iodine or Nori seaweed.


LDM: Lomatium Dissectum tincture (liquid drops):

A member of the parsley family, it is used extensively by Native Americans in the Northwest U.S. and Northern Nevada, where it grows commonly. Also used widely in oriental countries. Its use is for flu, colds, and upper respiratory infections. Dr. Ernest Krebs, MD stated "Destined to become one of the most important antibiotic herbs known to man."  Lomatium is commonly called "biscuit root" as Native Americans used the pulp to pound into cakes.


Directions for use: Prevention: 10 drops, once daily in juice or water. For active infection: 10 drops, 3x/day directly into mouth, or mixed in 1-2 ounces of organic juice or purified water. In between meals, or 10-15 minutes after food. SPECIAL!!! 25% off this product.


Zinc: The mineral that is found in virtually every body tissue. Zinc is directly involved in cell division, proper insulin balance, immune system stimulator, endocrine function, and correctly functioning Red and White blood cells. Zinc is highly concentrated in bones, pancreas, kidneys, liver and the retina of our eyes. Zinc is also very important for healthy skin. Low levels of zinc can result in loss of taste, low levels of immunity, low energy, nerve dysfunction and slow wound healing. Dosage: 50 to 100 mg. once daily.



Other recommendations:

  • Frequent hand washing by everyone in the household
  • Clean surfaces, telephones, etc. with hydrogen peroxide (frequently)
  • Surgical mask use by all ill persons and their caregivers
  • Isolation of sick persons from other family members not providing care

Other things that can be helpful during flu season:


Elderberry Extract:  Used for many years as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine and for other symptoms, Elderberry is a wonderful addition to any other treatment. It can assist in opening up bronchial breathing difficulties, opening up a stuffed up head or sinuses, and help with regaining some energy after feeling fatigued from colds and flu.


Directions for use: 1 Tablespoon mixed in about 4-6 ounces of purified water or organic grape or other berry-type juice, 2 or 3x/day after meals.


Propola Comp by Natural Creations: A combination of Andrographis, Astragalus, Olive Leaf, Osha Root (another word for Lomatium-like the LDM), Bee Propolis, and Elderberry. One dropperful in water once daily for prevention or 3x/day for active infection.


Olive Leaf liquid tincture: A natural anti-viral. Dosage: One dropperful daily for maintenance or one dropperful 3x/day for active infection.


Echinacea and/or Astragalus liquid tincture: Great for boosting the immune system. Dosage: One dropperful 2x/day (AM and PM) for maintenance. For active infection, can do one dropperful up to 4 to 5x/day.


Colloidal Silver: Mouth spray or nasal spray. Nature's natural antibiotic. Safe to use at first sign of any type of infection. Dosage: 2-3 sprays, 3x/day.


Reishi or Maitake Mushrooms, or Beta Glucan combinations like Immune Essentials, Immunotix: Beta Glucans are polysaccharides of D-glucose monomers linked by b-glycosidic bonds. They occur most commonly as cellulose in plants, bran of cereal grains, cell walls of baker's yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), certain fungi, mushrooms, and bacteria. Yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) and medicinal mushroom-derived B-glucans are notable for the ability to modulate the immune system. Helps to strengthen the immune system to ward off infection(s).


Directions for use: Prevention: 2 capsules daily. For active infection: 2 caps, 3x/day until infection is cleared. Then continue 2 caps daily for maintenance.


FluPlus by Heel: Homeopathic remedy to use at first sign of feeling like you are getting the flu. Dosage: 2 tablets under the tongue (in between food or mint), EVERY 15 MINUTES FOR THE FIRST HOUR. Then continue 2 tabs, every 2-3 hours throughout the day. This will usually work very well. FluPlus contains what is in Oscillococcinum (by Boiron), along with Influenzinum and Ipecacuanha. Ipecacuanha is a great ingredient for those waves of nausea that come with the flu feelings. It is the energy vibration or the opposite of Ipecac, which was used years ago to induce vomiting. So Ipecacuanha stops the vomiting or nausea.


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