Obama shuts down and ignores the "Arm the Teachers" White House petition
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Obama shuts down and ignores the

"Arm the Teachers" White House petition

Washington, DC-On December 14, in response to the Newtown massacre, Larry Ward, president of Political Media, Inc. created a WhiteHouse.gov petition calling to "Arm the Teachers and Principals" to protect themselves and their students from future attacks.

Since then, the petition has generated a great deal of attention in the media and across the country, garnering 9,399 signatures in a matter of days.

Breitbart.com reported this week that based on a recent Gallup poll, more people favored "arming at least one school official" over "banning the sale of semi-automatic weapons" by 64% to 63%.

Despite evident widespread support for the idea to "Arm the Teachers," the White House has closed the petition and offered a canned response with no reference to the "Arm the Teachers" solution.

"It is time for the President and the media to stop pretending that the only debate in the country is how much gun control we should enact. There are other arguments with tremendous support across the country that needs to be heard: 'Arm the Teachers, Arm the Principals to defend our children,' and 'Eliminate gun free school zones that leave children and teachers defenseless.'"

According to the White House Petitions Terms of Participation "The White House will respond to petitions submitted through We the People that comply with these Terms of Participation and reach the second signature threshold listed below. Petitions on We the People must meet the first signature threshold in order to be publicly searchable on WhiteHouse.gov. Petitions that do not meet these signature thresholds will be removed from the site after the time limit has expired. The White House may elect to respond to petitions at any time, including those that have not crossed the first or second threshold."

"It is clear that the 'Arm the Teachers' petition met the "Terms of Participation" and yet was ignored by the White House." Larry Ward said. "The President owes We the People and specifically the petition signers a response to the specific 'Arm the Teachers' petition."

The White House Press Office has yet to offer comment on the matter.


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