My eyes are bigger than my stomach
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    The above expression is used in at least three ways.  First it has reference to filling one’s plate with more food than they can eat.  Secondly after looking at a menu in a restaurant one might be tempted to order more than he can pay for.  Thirdly the above expression may be used for any number of projects greater than a person ability to take care of. 

     Restaurants prepare food to be appetizing and mouthwatering to you and me.  Of course mom does that at home.  There is a difference!  The cafes do so to promote their business.  If someone orders a side dish or two along with their main order that is good for their business.  Often when this is done there is more food before a customer than he or she can eat.  Either the excess is left on the plate or a “doggie bag” is requested so that the food left can be taken home to be eaten later or to be fed to the family pet.  Of course a person’s eyes are not bigger than their stomach.  But eye appeal can cause us to misjudge our ability to consume a certain amount of food.

At family reunions there is usually an abundant of various kinds of food.  Youngsters are prone to load their plate up with more than they can eat.  If their parents insist they clean-up their plate before eating any sweets then it becomes a real task.  In fact, after eating all the food on their plate those kids may be too full to eat any pie or cake.  They may think their parents have mistreated them.

     Another problem in ordering food at a café is the temptation to order more than you can pay for.  Those “T-Bone” steaks may cost a pretty penny.  We have to be realistic and stretch our dollars as far as we can.

     The expression“My eyes are bigger than my stomach”may be used in any number of situations.  For example:  when buying a new car the buyer should consider his or her ability to consistently make monthly car payments over an extended period of time.  To get bogged down in excessive monthly payments may force a person or family to drastically cut back and even do without both desirable and needed items.  This can make life miserable for one who overcommits them self.  It would be better to purchase an automobile that fits their budget.

Dub Mowery is a Gospel preacher in the Church of Christ. Presently he serves as full time evangelist for the Pittsburg Church of Christ. A native of Southeast Oklahoma, he is the author of Colloquial Sayings & Expressions (Morris Publishing, 2008)
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