Simple Advice Works
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If at first you don’t succeed, don’t call a plumber. This is a lesson I learned last week when my kitchen sink began leaking underneath the cabinet. I went under the sink and tried to tighten the pipes with no avail. Then my husband tried with the same results.


“Call a plumber,” he said. “That makes no sense,” I replied, “We should be able to fix it.”


I took the pipe completely off and headed to the hardware store. I was determined to fix it myself. When I got to the store I showed the store clerk what I was looking for and said I wanted to replace the pipe. He looked at me with a little grin and said, “All you have to do is screw the pipe back on.”


I explained I had already tried that and he simply replied, “try again.” I went home and magically when I tried again, it worked. I don’t know what me and my husband did wrong the first time. I think we were just convinced we couldn’t do it.


I then started thinking about the bathroom sink that drained slow. I went and got a snake out the garage and now my sink drains as it should.


I then started thinking about the toilet that ran when it shouldn’t. We went and got a flapper and we fixed that also. I will admit that took a lot longer than we thought it would. After many attempts of trying to replace it we tried the store clerk’s advice. We stopped and tried again.


Later on the same week my refrigerator stopped cooling. The freezer worked fine but the refrigerator was a goner. I went to the store and priced a new refrigerator and they said it couldn’t be delivered until next week. I decided to wait and look at another store.


Then I thought about the store clerk’s famous words, “try again.”  I cleaned out the entire refrigerator and freezer. I unplugged it and cleaned out the fan area. I then left it off overnight. The next morning I plugged it up. I am happy to report my refrigerator is cooling again.


I should go out and buy that store clerk a thank you card. His advice easily saved me over $1,000 this past week.  I know that sometimes I will not be able to fix things myself and a certified plumber will have to be called, but I am glad I tried. If something breaks in house, please remember the wise store clerk’s advice, “Try again.”


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