Gilmer Gourmet Club Enjoys Le Diner Français
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Gilmer Gourmet Club Enjoys Le Diner Français

by Sue Green


Members of the Gilmer Gourmet Club enjoyed a French dinner in the home of Buzzy and Sue Green on October 27. French cuisine is extremely diverse, with a subtle touch of elegance. The French are renowned for their passionate love affair with food, and a French dinner includes many courses. 

In France, l'entrée is just that, the beginning of the meal. Entrées are a chance for people to relax a bit and slow down, so that the main course isn't eaten in a big, hungry hurry. L'entrée for the dinner was Quiche Lorraine, a baked custard pie.

The second course was la Soupe au Potiron (pumpkin soup).  Soup is a respite in the middle of an elaborate, multi-course meal. It encourages the diner to truly slow down and savor each spoonful. French cuisine has given soup a place of singular importance: to inspire and set the stage for the rest of the meal.  Accompaniment for the soup was le pain Français (French bread).  The French view bread as a symbol of hospitality and would never serve a meal without it.

Coming next, le plat principal (main course) was Paupiettes de Boeuf Cordon Bleu avec Haricots Verts Amandine (beef bundles with ham and cheese accompanied by green beans almondine).  In a French dinner, the main course is usually an elaborate meat or poultry dish, accompanied by a vegetable.

Une salade verte (green salad) was served in the traditional manner.  A simple green salad tossed with vinaigrette followed the main course as a means of cleansing the palate and aiding digestion.  Le fromage varié (cheese variety) was presented before dessert.  The French, who eat more cheese than anyone else in the world, use the cheese course as a relaxing pause after the dinner is cleared away.  It’s an opportunity to finish off the bread and the dinner wine before the dessert and coffee.

Le dessert (the sweet dessert) was Choux a là Crème (cream puffs).  French desserts are indulgent, rich, and beautifully decorated. Freshly brewed café (coffee) accented the sweets. What a fantastic way to end a formal meal!

Members in attendance were Bob and Diana Heller, Gordon and Gwen Jewett, John and Mable Jordan, Larry and Maggie McBeth, Chuck and Oreatha Souder, and Gerald and Dolores Stevens.  Fred and Jennifer Anderson were guests of the host and hostess, Buzzy and Sue Green.

The next club function will be the 2013 planning meeting in January.  Anyone interested in more information about the Gilmer Gourmet Club should contact Dolores Stevens at 903-797-6021.

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