Remember To Say Thanks
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"Now, don't forget," my mother urged. 

"Remember to say thanks." 

She taught me those four magic words 

when I was prone to pranks. 


I've thought about my mom's advice 

quite often since I've grown. 

Her simple words were quite profound. 

Their truth is clearly shown. 


When I recall what soldiers did 

to keep our nation free 

my sense of gratitude's renewed 

for those who fought for me. 


When I reflect on those in town 

who wear a uniform, 

my mind replays the risks they take 

to keep me safe and warm. 


When we remember, heroes live. 

When we forget, they die. 

Remembering births gratitude 

(although it makes us cry). 


So let's remember to give thanks. 

You won't if you forget. 

Thank God for veterans you have known 

and those you've never met.

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