Furnish Photo ID Cards
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Thank you for your time & help this morning with my suggestion for your state to furnish all legal age people with state photo ID cards at no cost to that person.   By following my plan no court in the United States could say it is a hardship or infringement on a person’s right.


My suggestion is to have your state hire people drawing unemployment benefits for a temporary job to contact all people within a predetermined set of addresses within a certain area the same as the US Census workers do when taking the US census every ten years.  The people you hire are given information registering forms that the worker must complete plus supply every census worker is given either a digital camera or a throw away camera.  The worker would photograph the citizen & make a notation as to what film photo number to be attached to the registration sheet by the state.  The state would then produce a Photo ID card with the person’s name, address & data the same as one’s driver’s licenses.  The state would then mail the card to the recipient.  By following my suggestion any court in the US could not say this procedure is illegal or a burden to the individual.  Plus NO excuses could be given preventing one from voting.  This could also be used as a nation wide Photo ID card accepted by all in any state.


I have no way of calculating the cost but I feel it is necessary to prevent fraud in voting & to identify ones self for the legal purpose when needed.



James Lee Sumpter,

Somerset, Kentucky

Email: ktkycol@sbcglobal.net
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Jason Smith
November 05, 2012
I am a native Texan who has just returned from Indiana. While there, I applied for and received free of charge, a state I.D. This was because of Indiana's Voter I.D. law. Texas could do the same at little cost.