The Real Benefit of Christian Camping
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The Real Benefit of Christian Camping


Psalm 46 is a marvelous passage of Scripture.  It encourages us to remember that God is our refuge, our only safety in a dangerous world.   It tells us that we are to observe nature and consider that even if nature begins to do abnormal, awful, terrifying things we have no reason to fear because we remain firmly in the arms of God.  Even if the mountains fall into the sea God is still a safe refuge.  Psalm 46 also tells us that no matter what armies do, He is in control and can do with them as He wishes.  No matter what happens to rock our world, we are safe because of our relationship to Him.


The heart of this Psalm is verse 10 which says, “Be still, and know that I am God”.  If I look up from the well-lit streets of a busy metropolis on a beautiful starlit night, I miss most of the beauty of stars above.  If I want to truly experience and appreciate the glory of the heavens I must go to a place without man-made light.  Spiritually speaking it is hard for me to see into the heavens if I do not separate myself from the things on earth which distract me.  Christian camping remains one of the best methods of “being still and knowing that God is God”.  The camp setting forces or at least helps me to reduce the distractions so that I can refocus my eyes and ears on the Lord.  If I get alone with God, I will certainly benefit.  However, I am intrigued by the claim that Psalm 46:11 makes concerning how others will benefit.


In Psalm 46:11 God makes a blunt claim with only one condition, “I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.”   God is flatly declaring that this exaltation of Himself will occur.  However, do not miss the fact that verse 11 is attached to verse 10.  Every English translation connects verses 10 and 11 as absolutely part of the same thought.  In fact almost every translation connects them with either a colon or semi-colon.   God is declaring a beautiful truth.  If those who claim His name, profess faith in Him, say they have a relationship with Him, will invest time in that relationship by getting alone with Him away from distractions, then they will be absolutely convinced, know without a shadow of a doubt that He alone is God.  That is the condition for the advancement of His kingdom. Then the nations, the earth, the whole-wide world will respond in faith to Him and His name will be exalted. 


We surely miss the point in our constant scurrying about trying to serve the Lord, trying to win the world to Christ.   Luke 10 sheds much light here. Mary knew something that Martha did not; she knew enough to ignore the distractions and choose the “good part” which was sitting at the feet of Jesus.  When you separate yourself from the distractions around you, the whole world benefits because they come to see God and exalt Him.  Christian camping done correctly can lead you into the presence of God and help you to be still before Him.  You will benefit from the blessing of His attention, love, and affection.  Others you come into contact with will benefit because of the change He will produce in you.  God will be exalted which is “the real benefit”. ……

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