Bringing light to an otherwise dark day
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I'm antisocial by nature. I usually have an mp3 player on with earbuds tucked firmly into my ears so i can ignore everyone, as I am hard of hearing anyway.

 One day I was waiting in line at a Carl's Jr. I forget now what I had ordered, but that's irrelevant. I was mouthing along with the words of the music that was playing, just waiting for my turn to order.

When it came, I placed my order and stood back to wait, still mouthing along with whatever song was playing in my ears at the time, and watching the other people in line, hoping no one tried to talk to me because I'm inherently distrustful of strangers.

After I got my food, I turned to leave and felt a tug at my elbow. I jumped as if I'd been bitten and turned around to see an elderly gentleman, a middle-aged woman, and two girls somewhat younger than myself (I was 28 at the time).

The woman and the two girls were talking to me in sign language, and I gestured that I couldn't understand, when the elderly gentleman explained to me that his niece (the woman) and granddaughter (one of the girls) were deaf but fluent in lip-reading, and that they had been 'watching' me sing since they had come in.

One of the songs that had been playing was Garth Brooks' We Shall Be Free, and they had stopped me to tell me it was the most beautiful song they had ever read, and wanted to thank me for singing it. I managed to get almost all the way back to my truck before I started tearing up, a bit frightened and yet glad that my anti-social tendencies brought some light to an otherwise dark day for even just two people. I hope they remember me as well as I remember them.

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