Lessons about Money
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I have way too much money. I was cleaning out a purse and found $40 that I did not even miss. I also found two gift cards that totaled about 60 dollars. I do not understand how I could miss that amount of money. I obviously have too much money to keep track of.


I jest of course but it really did concern me that I did not notice I misplaced money. I would like to partially blame my dependence on my trusty debit card. It is so convenient to have it in my wallet and not have to worry about carrying around cash and checks.


My father always carried around a certain amount of money in his billfold and his checkbook. He always used to say, “Always carry enough money to get you home.” 


He actually never told me what amount that was. Even though I use my debit card for the majority of my purchases, I always try to carry at least $20 with me.


At the end of the month, my dad would pull out this huge calculator and go over his bills, and balance the checkbook. If my dad were alive today, I do not know if he would like the new debit card system. I imagine he would prefer to use his checkbook and his huge calculator.


I do not know how my dad knew it, but once I went into my dad’s change jar which was an old coffee can. I took five shiny quarters without permission. The very next day my dad called me into the room and asked me if I had been into his coffee can. I told the truth. He gave me a quarter for telling the truth and then he took back the five shiny quarters I had taken. I was very young but learned a valuable lesson.


If my father were alive he would be very disappointed in me for losing track of how much money I had and that I had let money sit in an unused purse for almost a year.


My dad kept track of every penny he earned and spent. He was also like a hawk when it came to his billfold. Once he was in the hospital and was very ill. The nurses came while he was asleep and wheeled him in his bed down for a test. I was sitting in the room watching television when I heard my dad yelling and screaming. I knew his test could not be over so I ran to the hallway to see what was going on. My father woke up as they were taking him and determined it was a plot to steal his money he had in his billfold. He demanded they return. I had to get his wallet and show him that his money was still in there.


When I found the money in my purse, I remembered my dad in the hospital demanding his billfold. It made me sad. I know my father would scold me for being so careless.


I also realized how easy it is to spend money when you are just handing someone a debit card and not actually keeping track of your money. Even though my father is not alive, thinking about what he would think of me, taught me another lesson about money.


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