KLTV - Upshur County Commissioner arrested
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An Upshur County Commissioner was arrested Saturday evening after he held an East Texas Game Warden at gun point.

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make u wonder?
October 14, 2012
This story just keeps getting better... and better..

Sounds like some head hunting going on here.. and again..

Under the Consitiution Of the United States.. no where does it say any law inforcement agency has the right to be on your property ...

People has allowed this to happen over the years... and now they think they can do what ever they want... Really

From what I have heard.. The land owner should have Call 911 him self... Then there would be a recording of the event...

Sounds like this game warden.. did not like the fact.. that he was question...

another thing was he in uniform? was he in a marked car? are atv... did he produce id?

Other than saying he was..

Come all Really? The news needs to report the facts.. and not some Hazzy STORY..

Sounds like some one has it out for some one in this county..

Besides, The land owner was protecting his property as well as hisself.. so