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AUSTIN,TX –Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) will launch an Internet campaign this week to commemorate the nationally-celebrated “Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week” (LAAW), typically a time to educate citizens that when it comes to lawsuit abuse, we all pay and we all lose, according to CALA.


“Even in a state known for embracing legal reform, LAAW is a great time to remind people that we all suffer when lawsuit abuse is allowed to fester,” said Jennifer Harris with CALA of Central Texas.  “And while we’ve passed many good reforms here, we continue to see to see outrageous lawsuits that clog our courts and can delay or deny justice for those who are truly injured.”


Harris noted the recent case of a woman suing the Dallas Cowboys after she injured herself by sitting on a hot bench – during a triple-digit summer; or the woman suing Starbucks in San Antonio because her hot tea was too hot.


“These head-slapping lawsuits are a great reminder that our work in Texas is far from over,” added Sarah Trolinger, with the Rio Grande Valley CALA.  “While we are reaping the benefits of reform– a strong economy, more job creation than any other state and greater access to health care – now is a great time to let our leaders know that they must protect these reforms and continue to work to ensure our courts are used for justice, not greed.”


LAAW officially kicks off the first week of October.  For LAAW 2012, the Texas CALAs will partner with business, health care and legislative leaders across the state to promote the benefits of reform during regular posts on the group’s blog.


Garry Bradford, Chairman of the Bay Area CALA in Corpus Christi urged Texans to visit the blog and use LAAW as an opportunity to talk to their local candidates about the importance of reforms.


“With the November elections right around the corner, this is a great opportunity for proponents of common-sense legal reform to make their voice heard and ask their candidates where they stand on this important issue,” said Bradford.  “And we’d like to know what they say. We are encouraging folks to give us feedback on our local Facebook page.”


Diane Davis, with East Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse, agreed.  “The reforms we made have worked, but Texas can’t afford to back-slide,” Davis said. “We need to continue to work to protect against those who wish to denigrate the progress we’ve made. Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week is a great reminder that with elections and a legislative session on the horizon, there is no better time than now for CALA supporters and their lawmakers to make fighting lawsuit abuse a priority.”



About CALA


With more than 25,000 supporters, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) is a community-based, grassroots movement dedicated to educating the public about the cost and consequences of lawsuit abuse, challenging those who abuse our legal system, and returning common sense and fairness to our courts.  Launched in Texas' Rio Grande Valley in 1990, the CALA movement has spread throughout the state, with chapters in the Rio Grande Valley, East Texas, Central Texas, and Corpus Christi, and across the country.

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