Try Turning Off the Television
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I think fall is my favorite season. Not because the weather is nice but because that is when all the new shows start on television. It is hard to keep up with them all considering I have 200 channels.

This is probably why I don’t have time to make pancakes from scratch and homemade jams. My mother was always cooking things from scratch. It seems like she made biscuits every week. On the weekend she would cook a cake, brownies, or cookies that would last most of the week. My mom worked full time but always had time to sew, clean the house, play with me, and make these amazing meals. I wonder how she had the time. Then I realized she hardly watched television.

We had this amazing huge television when I was growing up. The screen seem pretty large but the encasing around it was huge and made of wood. Now we have little flat screen tvs. With our old huge television, we had about eight channels. We got more channels as the years past but nothing in comparison to my 200 channels I have now.

Before I had my baby, Caesar, I would cook these exotic meals like homemade Korean barbeque. Now I search the internet for great slow cooker all in one meals. Not only do I have my favorite television shows, I have the internet to contend with. I am constantly on Facebook, Twitter and various news sites throughout the day on my computer.

All of this does not include the time I spend on my smartphone doing the exact same thing. Recently my smartphone broke and I felt so helpless. It is sad that a few years ago I did not own a cell phone, did not have cable television, and did not have internet service.

I know times change but I do not want to lose some of the things I grew up on. I remember the anticipation of my mom making homemade ice cream which seemed like it took hours to make. Every morning before school we sat at the dining room table and had breakfast. Most of the time it was something she cooked and not just cereal. Every night was the exactly the same. She always had a great meal cooked. The weekends were always fun filled. Sometimes we went fishing, shopping, and even the days we stayed at home it seemed like we were always busy doing something that did not include watching television.

There are times when I am talking to my husband and he is so busy watching the television, he can’t repeat back to me what I just said. We have a dvr and so when we want to talk to the other person the conversation starts with hit pause please. That is very sad.

I have vowed that at least once a week I will turn off the television and turn off the computer and spend quality time with the family. I hope to cook something great or at least burn something while trying to cook something great.

I know this should not be a hard thing to do but I think it will harder than I can even imagine. If the thought of not watching television one night a week seems hard to you also, maybe you should join me in this challenge.

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