Cole Jackson: Missing, but not forgotten
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FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF COLE JACKSON release balloons Friday evening, July 13, in recognition of the Gilmer native who has been missing for six years. The release took place at the pier on Lake Gilmer, just off FM 852.
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Cole Jackson, a Gilmer native, is missing but not forgotten.

His family and friends remembered him with a balloon release at the Lake Gilmer pier off FM 852 on Friday evening, July 13.

Cole went missing on July 13, 2006, in Nacogdoches County. He was 33 years old. His truck was found in a creek bed with the keys still in the ignition and door open.

He was never heard from again. His cell phone has had no activity since 9:30 am of that dreadful morning, said his sister, Cheyenne Jackson.

“The last person to see him was an old man that lived out in the country where his truck was found in Timpson, Texas,” she said. “Cole was driving fast trying to get away from someone, and we guess he darted into a pasture to get off the road and out of sight from whoever was chasing him.

“The only way to get out of that pasture and back onto the oil road was to drive through a garden,” Miss Jackson said. “When he drove through the garden, the old man that owned the house was outside and waved Cole down. Cole stopped and offered him money for the damages and told him he would come back the next day and help him fix the fence and garden.

“This is just like Cole—he would give someone the shirt off his back if they needed it and he would have kept his promise to this gentleman if he could have,” she said. “He told this old man that he was sorry but that he had to get out of there because ‘bad people’ were chasing him. That was the last time that we know of anyone seeing him.

“His son was born three months later and I gladly took my brother’s place in the delivery room,” Miss Jackson said. “I really hate that his son has never seen his daddy. He knows who he is and has pictures of him, but it saddens me to no end that he’ll never hear his dad’s voice.

“We can only pray that one day soon someone will come forward with information of Cole’s whereabouts and what has happened to him. Our family had put up a $5,000 reward to anyone that has information that can lead us to the whereabouts of Cole.”

Every year Jackson’s family and friends all over the world do something in honor of him for the anniversary date and his birthday on Jan. 10.

This year, they did a “Light- up Balloon Ceremony” for him.

The family and friends will gathered around dusk to share memories, write messages to Cole on the balloons, and sent them up in hopes he’ll get them.

This year we have people from Albequrque, San Antonio, North Carolina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Alaska that usually did it for Cole, she said.

“He is truly missed each and every day by lots of people,” Miss Jackson said. “I wish we could find out what has happend to our loved one!”
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