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Hosted by

Longview Ballet Theatre






WHAT: Red carpet arrivals at the East Texas premiere of Bernie on Thursday, May 31st at 4 Star Cinema, 1607 U.S. Highway 259 North in Kilgore, Texas.



WHO: From the film:  Director Richard Linklater, Co-Screen Writer Skip Hollandsworth, locals in the film and real life prosecutor Danny Buck Davidson and Defense Attorney, Scrappy Holmes.



WHEN:   Thursday, May 31st

Media Arrives – 4:45pm

Red Carpet Arrivals – 5:30pm

Screening – 6pm


WHERE: 4 Star Cinema

1607 U.S. Highway 259 North

Kilgore, Texas 


TICKETS: www.belchercenter.com







Film Director Richard Linklater comes to East Texas



Richard Linklater, whose credits include School of Rock and Dazed and Confused, will introduce his most recent film, Bernie, at a benefit premiere in Kilgore, Texas.  Hosted by Longview Ballet Theatre, the red carpet event will also include screenplay co-writer Skip Hollandsworth, local actors and real life characters from the movie.

The Oscar nominated Linklater has earned the praise of critics and a loyal group of fans who eagerly await each new film. With Bernie, Linklater captures the unique personality and quirkiness of small towns that will be familiar to many viewers, and explores the collision between good deeds and the dark side of human nature.

All proceeds from the premiere will benefit Longview Ballet Theatre, celebrating 40 years of professional level productions that exhilarate our audiences.
















Jack Black


Shirley MacLaine


Matthew McConaughey




Opening April 27, 2012




Running time: 104 minutes


Rating: PG-13 for some violent images and brief strong language. 











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              Bernie Tiede                            Jack Black                                         

              Marjorie Nugent              Shirley MacLaine                           

              Danny Buck              Matthew McConaughey             

              Scrappy Holmes                 Brady Coleman                                         

              Lloyd Hornbuckle              Richard Robichaux                                         

              Don Leggett                  Rick Dial                                         

              Sheriff HUCKABEE              Brandon Smith                                         

              Rev. Woodard              Larry Jack Dotson                     

              MOLLY              Merrilee McCommas

              CARL              Matthew Greer



              Director              Richard Linklater

              Written by              Richard Linklater & Skip Hollandsworth

              Produced by              Richard Linklater & Ginger Sledge

              Cinematographer              Dick Pope

              Editor              Sandra Adair

              Sound Mixer              John Pritchett                           

              Department Head Makeup              Pamela Westmore

              Department Head Hair              Roxie Hodenfield             





In the tiny, rural town of Carthage, TX, assistant funeral director Bernie Tiede was one of the town’s most beloved residents.  He taught Sunday school, sang in the church choir and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Everyone loved and appreciated Bernie, so it came as no surprise when he befriended Marjorie Nugent, an affluent widow who was as well known for her sour attitude as her fortune. Bernie frequently traveled with Marjorie and even managed her banking affairs. Marjorie quickly became fully dependant on Bernie and his generosity and Bernie struggled to meet her increasing demands. Bernie continued to handle her affairs, and the townspeople went months without seeing Marjorie. The people of Carthage were shocked when it was reported that Marjorie Nugent had been dead for some time, and Bernie Tiede was being charged with the murder.



When the soft-spoken, chubby-cheeked Bernhardt Tiede II arrived for his first day of work as the assistant director of the Hawthorne Funeral Home in the little rural town of Carthage, Texas, no one was sure what to think. The town’s barber called him "peachy and sweet." Some men who spent their afternoons swapping stories at Leon Choate's combination barber-and-gunsmith shop just off the town square openly speculated that he might be “a little light in the loafers."


But it wasn’t long before Bernie, who never had an unkind word to say about anyone, became one of Carthage’s most beloved residents. His greatest attribute, however, was his ability to create beautiful funerals for Carthage’s deceased. As one townsperson said, “With Bernie doing your service, you just knew you were going to get to heaven.”


One afternoon Bernie organized the funeral for Rod Nugent, a rich Carthage oilman and chairman of Carthage’s bank. There, he met Marjorie Nugent, the town’s domineering grande dame, despised by almost everyone in Carthage for her arrogance and rude behavior. Like he did with many of the town’s widows, Bernie regularly visited Mrs. Nugent after the funeral. Soon, she began asking him to run errands for her, to take her to both lunch and dinner, and act as her escort on trips. Then, in August 1997, in a story that made headlines in newspapers around the country, Mrs. Nugent was found dead, shot four times in the back, and buried under some frozen foods in the large, rectangular freezer in her garage.


In the dark comedy “Bernie,” directed by Richard Linklater, Jack Black plays Bernie Tiede, Shirley MacLaine plays Mrs. Nugent, and Matthew McConaughey plays the town’s blustery real-life District Attorney, Danny Buck Davidson, who was determined to get to the bottom of the crime. “It’s my Fargo in East Texas, where I grew up” says Linklater, “a story that captures all the hilarity, friendliness, eccentricity and absolute strangeness of small-town Texas life.”


What made the story of Mrs. Nugent’s murder so peculiar was that she had been dead for nine months before people noticed she wasn’t around. (“The truth was that no one really cared about looking for her because no one missed her,” one resident said.) What made the story truly bizarre, however, was the announcement by police that Bernie not only had murdered Mrs. Nugent but had been using her money to give to people in need throughout Carthage. He even donated $100,000 in Mrs. Nugent’s name to build a new Sunday school building at the Methodist church. Almost immediately after his arrest, Carthage citizens rallied around Bernie, going so far as to drive around the courthouse blowing their horns, and begging District Attorney Davidson not to prosecute their favorite assistant funeral home director.


“Bernie” is filled with the kinds of characters that one might think could only be invented in fiction -- characters that do things that are simply unpredictable. But much of the movie is a re-telling of what actually happened. Linklater even hired numerous East Texas citizens--many of them Carthage residents who knew Bernie and Mrs. Nugent--to play minor roles or act as extras in the movie.




Back in December of 1998, I read Skip Hollandsworth’s Texas Monthly story about Bernie Tiede, Marjorie Nugent, and the town of Carthage and something just clicked.  It’s hard to articulate what exactly draws one to a particular story, and what would compel one to undertake the often lengthy and often fruitless task of trying to make a movie out of a real life story.  Maybe it was my being a native East Texan and feeling like I knew everyone involved.  Maybe it was Bernie’s unique character and the complex relationship between him and Marjorie. He played roles in her life from chauffer to chef to best friend and confidant. Maybe it was the interesting legal proceedings that were playing out at that time.  Maybe it was what I saw as the dark humor surrounding the entire story.  I called Skip and we started talking about how it might work as a movie.  I optioned the rights, and not long after we were attending some of the trial, where I would first see the real Bernie, Danny Buck, Scrappy, the many visitors from Carthage and the jurors from San Augustine where the trial had been moved.  It all ended for Bernie in the opposite way it felt it was going at the time of the article. In the movie, it is overly apparent during the trial that those on Bernie’s side truly believed that he had done nothing wrong and didn’t deserve to be punished. One witness even says “It’s not as bad as people say; he only shot her four times, not five.”


Early on, Skip gave me all his journalistic notes and the treasure was revealed: with Marjorie now gone and Bernie sitting in jail, unable to give interviews; it was what the many townspeople were saying about them that would be the record. Whether you like it or not, on a perception level, you ARE what they say you are, especially in a small town. The majority of the story is told through townspeople’s accounts of what happened and their feelings of Bernie and Marjorie. They are the narrators. I’d never seen a movie told from the perspective of a group of gossips, but in this case it seemed like the proper narrative technique that would reveal everything you could ever really know about the town and the people involved. And what characters! There’s no storytelling like that of a townsperson from East Texas with that deep southern drawl.  It was also this unconventional storytelling device that almost kept the movie from ever getting made.  But eventually, ten years later, once Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey had come aboard, Bernie, Marjorie, and Carthage’s story could finally be told.







Jack Black(Bernie Tiede) returned as “Po” in Kung Fu Panda 2 for Paramount Pictures this past May grossing $125 million in its’ international opening weekend.


In October 2012, Black releasedThe Big Year with Academy Award® winner Anjelica Huston and a comedy super cast of Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Jim Parsons, Rashida Jones and Joel McHalefor 20th Century Fox.  He has also recently been seen inThe Muppets, written by his Gulliver’s Travels co-star, Jason Segel, for Disney.


In 2010, Black released the highly anticipated Gulliver’s remake for 20th Century Fox.  Black, who produced the film, starred as “Lemuel Gulliver” opposite Academy Award® nominated Emily Blunt, Segel and Amanda Peet.  Gulliver’s grossed nearly $238 million worldwide.


In 2009, Black voiced video game character Eddie Riggs (modeled after him) in the widely popular Brutal Legend.  The game follows roadie (Riggs) into a fantasy world of heavy metal.  Black was nominated and won for Best Voice at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2009.


The year 2008 was very busy; starting by lending his voice to the lead animated character of “Po” in Paramount Pictures’ Kung Fu Panda, which earned more than $626 million worldwide. In August, Black found himself on top of the box office again for the Paramount release of Tropic Thunder.  Directed and written by Ben Stiller, who also starred in the film, Black was joined by the star studded cast Robert Downey Jr., Jay Baruchel, Brandon T. Jackson, Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey. The film was #1 in the box office for two straight weeks and has earned over $110 million domestically.


Being #1 is nothing new for Black. In September 2003, he proved his box office draw with a #1 opening for Paramount Pictures, School of Rock, from producer Scott Rudin, and writer Mike White. In the film, Black received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.  The next year Jack reunited with White to release Nacho Libre, which marked the first production under Black & White Productions, formed in late 2004 by White and Black.


In December 2005, Black was seen in the highly anticipated cinematic blockbuster and Academy Award® winning film, King Kong. Directed by Peter Jackson, the film opened at #1 and remained on top for three weeks in a row, and grossed over $540 million worldwide.


Black’s other screen credits include the comedies Bob Roberts, High Fidelity,Saving Silverman, Shallow Hal, Orange County, Envy, Shark Tale, The Holiday, and 2000’s independent drama Jesus’ Son and 2007’s drama Margot at the Wedding


Fans also know Black as the lead singer of the rock-folk comedy group Tenacious D, which he created with friend Kyle Gass. Their self-titled album was released in the fall of 2001 with Epic Records and was quickly certified at gold-selling status. The band had a variety series on HBO that aired in 1999. The duo completed their first feature Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny for New Line Cinema, which released in November 2006.  Following Pick of Destiny, two documentaries were released in relation to the film.  The first, directed and produced by Black titled, The Making of ‘The Pick of Destiny’ reveals a behind the scenes look at the making of the film.  The second, D Tour: A Tenacious Documentary focused on the band’s world tour in support of their film and soundtrack. 


Black currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Tanya and their two sons.



Shirley MacLaine’s (Mrs. Marjorie Nugent) illustrious career comprises more than 50 feature films highlighted by an Academy Award® win and six nominations, six Emmy® Awards nominations, seven Golden Globe® Awards – including the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award – and the title of international best-selling author.  Recently, MacLaine appeared in the ensemble film, VALENTINE’S DAY, and the Lifetime made-for-TV movie COCO CHANEL, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe® and SAG Award®.  She released her best-selling book “SAGE-ING WHILE AGE-ING” in 2008, followed by her latest New York Times best-seller, “I’M OVER ALL THAT – AND OTHER CONFESSIONS,” released on April 5th, 2011.  In the Fall of 2011, she received France’s most prestigious cultural award, the Legion of Honor, presented by France’s Minister of Culture and Communication, Frederic Mitterrand, at the French Cinematheque.   


MacLaine made her professional debut dancing in a Broadway revival of OKLAHOMA! in the 1950s.  Her first film appearance was in Alfred Hitchcock’s THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, earning her a Golden Globe Award for “New Star of the Year – Actress” in 1955.  At the same time, she starred in SOME COME RUNNING, which led to her first Academy Award® nomination and an additional Golden Globe® nomination.  She also starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in THE CHILDREN’S HOUR, based on a play by Lillian Hellman.  MacLaine received a second Oscar® nomination for her work in the award winning film, THE APARTMENT, co-starring Jack Lemmon and directed by Billy Wilder.  She reunited with Lemmon and Wilder for IRMA LA DOUCE in 1963, earning yet another Academy Award® nomination. 


In 1975, MacLaine received her fourth Oscar® nomination, this time for best documentary as a producer and star of THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY: A CHINA MEMOIR.  Two years later, she was once again nominated for her starring role in THE TURNING POINT.  In 1983, MacLaine finally won an Oscar for her work in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT. Later, she also received a Golden Globe® Award for her 1989 performance in MADAME SOUSATZKA.  MacLaine was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1998.


MacLaine’s additional credits include notable films such as STEEL MAGNOLIAS with Julia Roberts, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE with Meryl Streep, IN HER SHOES with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette, and RUMOR HAS IT with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner. 


MacLaine’s television credits include the telefilms, “THESE OLD BROADS,” “CAROLINA” and “SALEM WITCH TRIALS.”  She also starred in the CBS miniseries, “HELL ON HEELS: THE BATTLE OF MARY KAY,” the life story of the cosmetics queen Mary Kay Ash.


A longtime outspoken advocate for civil rights and liberties, women’s rights, and spiritual understanding, MacLaine is known for her faith in reincarnation, angels, the power of crystals and other New Age beliefs.  She addresses these topics at length, as well as her Hollywood career, in her books, OUT ON A LIMB andDANCING IN THE NIGHT.   MacLaine went on to author numerous other books including THE CAMINO and OUT ON A LEASH, all of which are international bestsellers.  


In addition to BERNIE, MacLaine can be seen next in WILD OATS, starring Jacki Weaver and directed by Howard Deutch.  She can also be seen on stage during her one-woman show tour as it hits cities across the globe, combining a montage of memorable film moments with private revelations about her extraordinary life, career, and spiritual journey.  MacLaine will be honored with the prestigious American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award on June 7, 2012.



Matthew McConaughey (Danny Buck Davidson)is one of Hollywood’s most sought after leading men whose films have grossed over a billion dollars at the box office. He is a Texas native who, while attending the University of Texas in Austin, planned to be a lawyer. When he discovered an inspirational Og Mandino book The Greatest Salesman in the World before one of his final exams, he suddenly knew that he had to change his major from law to film.


McConaughey began his acting career in 1991, appearing in student films and commercials in Texas and directing short films. It was a chance meeting in Austin with casting director and producer, Don Phillips, who introduced him to director, Richard Linklater where he was cast as Wooderson in the cult classic “Dazed and Confused.” Since that time McConaughey has appeared in over 40 feature films, and has become a producer, director, and philanthropist all the while sticking to his Texas roots and ‘jk livin’ philosophy. Over the years, he has portrayed an athlete, a police officer, a football coach, and a lawyer, and has worked with Hollywood greats such as Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemekis, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Sandra Bullock, and Al Pacino to name a few.


2012 is going to be a film-packed year for Matthew McConaughey. In addition to “Bernie”, Matthew will star in the dark drama "Killer Joe" directed by the legendary William Friedkin. In Summer of 2012, McConaughey can also be seen in the Warner Bros release "Magic Mike" directed by Steven Soderbergh. The film also stars Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer and centers around the life of a male stripper. To round the year out, Matthew just completed production on the Lee Daniels film, "The Paperboy" with Nicole Kidman and Jeff Nicols' "Mud" with Reese Witherspoon.


McConaughey’s other film credits include “The Lincoln Lawyer,” adapted from the hit novel series by best-selling author, Michael Connelly, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past opposite Michael Douglas and Jennifer Garner, Ben Stiller’s wildly successful action comedy, “Tropic Thunder”, the critically acclaimed drama “We Are Marshall,” the inspiring story of a small West Virginia town’s struggle with devastating loss,“Fool’s Gold” opposite Kate Hudson by director Andy Tennant and opposite Al Pacino in the drama “Two for the Money”. 


In addition he starred in the action adventure comedy “Sahara,” with Penelope Cruz and Steve Zahn.  He earned a People’s Choice Award for his role in the film, which opened at the top of the weekend box office and marked the first major motion picture produced by his production company, j.k. livin productions. Later they would also produce and release “Surfer, Dude.”


Additional film credits include: the popular romantic comedies “Failure to Launch,” with Sarah Jessica Parker, and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” opposite Kate Hudson; the sci-fi adventure “Reign of Fire,” with Christian Bale; the ensemble drama “Thirteen Conversations About One Thing;” the horror thriller “Frailty,” written and directed by Bill Paxton; and Adam Shankman’s hit romantic comedy “The Wedding Planner,” opposite Jennifer Lopez, the World War II action drama “U-571,” Ron Howard’s “EDtv,” Steven Spielberg’s “Amistad,” Robert Zemeckis’ “Contact,” and Joel Schumacher’s critically acclaimed courtroom drama “A Time to Kill,” as well as “Lone Star,” “Angels in the Outfield,” “The Newton Boys,” and “The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”


In addition to his film career, Matthew also takes the time to give back. In 2008, he started The just keep livin Foundation which is dedicated to helping boys and girls transform into men and women through programs that teach the importance of decision making, health, education, and active living. The just keep livin Foundation has partnered with Communities in Schools in West Los Angeles to implement fitness and wellness programs in two large, urban high schools. CIS is the nation’s largest, non-profit, dropout prevention organization. Through the j.k. livin afterschool program, they are able to give kids a healthy start in life and the promise of a healthy future. The official website is: www.jklivinfoundation.org




Richard Linklater’s (Director, Writer) credits include “It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books” (1988); “Slacker” (1991); “Dazed and Confused” (1993); “Before Sunrise” (1995); “Suburbia” (1997); “The Newton Boys” (1998); “Walking Life” (2001); “Tape” (2001); “Live From Shiva’s Dance Floor (2003); “School of Rock” (2003); “Before Sunset” (2004); “$5.15/Hr.” (2004) (TV); “Bad News Bears” (2005); “A Scanner Darkly” (2006); “Fast Food Nation” (2006); “Inning by Inning: A Portrait of a Coach” (2008); “Me and Orson Welles” (2009); “Bernie” (2011).


Linklater also serves as the Artistic Director for the Austin Film Society, which he founded in 1985, to showcase films from around the world that were not typically shown in Austin. The Austin Film Society has given out over $1,000,000 in grants to Texas filmmakers and in 1999, received the DGA Honor which was given by the Directors Guild of America in recognition of its support of the arts.



Skip Hollandsworth (Writer) has been a staff writer at Texas Monthly since 1989. He has been a finalist four times for a National Magazine Award, the magazine industry’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, and in 2010 he won the National Magazine Award for feature writing for his story about a young man who, after suffering a crippling football injury in high school, spent the next 33 years in his bedroom, unable to move. “Bernie,” which he co-wrote with Richard Linklater, is based on a story he wrote for Texas Monthly in January 1998 titled “Midnight in the Garden of East Texas.” It is his first screenplay.


Mandalay Vision is Mandalay Pictures’ independent development, production and financingcompany, which builds upon the brand’s impressive history of producing films for the globalmarketplace. Matthew Rhodes is the President of Mandalay Vision. Cathy Schulman oversees the division's creative affairs on behalf of Mandalay Pictures.


Focusing primarily on films exhibiting innovative storytelling with auteur directors and premiertalent, Mandalay Vision completed production on three films in 2010 including “Bernie.” The company premiered two films at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival: “Salvation Boulevard,” acomedic thriller directed by George Ratliff and starring an impressive ensemble cast includingPierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei and Ed Harris to be released July, 2011 through IFC/Sony; and “Another Happy Day,” writer/director Sam Levinson’s debut film starring Ellen Barkin, Ellen Burstyn, Kate Bosworth, Thomas Haden Church, Ezra Miller and Demi Moore, which won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the festival’s closing ceremony and will released later this year by Phase 4.


Mandalay Vision’s “Soul Surfer” in theatres now; released by Tri-Star. The picture stars Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood and AnnaSophia Robb, and is the true story of competitive teen surfer Bethany Hamilton and has grossed over $40 million at the US box office.  Mandalay Vision’s debut release, the Golden Globe winning and 4-time Oscar nominated The Kids Are All Right, a 2010 Sundance Film Festival darling directed by Lisa Cholodenko and starring Julianne Moore, Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo, was one of last year’s most successful independently produced and financed films. 



Wind Dancer Films is an independent motion picture and television development, production and financing company.  The company was founded by Matt Williams and David McFadzean, who created and produced such television hits as "Roseanne" and "Home Improvement". 


Wind Dancer has developed and produced such successful films as “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt (which earned $350 million in worldwide box office) and “Where The Heart Is” starring Natalie Portman. In addition to “Bernie,” Wind Dancer is working on a number of feature films including “As Cool As I Am” starring Claire Danes and James Marsden, which completed principal photography in June 2011, “What Men Want” written by Pete Chiarelli (“The Proposal”) for Paramount Pictures, “BFF” to be directed by Charles Shyer (“Father of the Bride”) and a remake of the hit German film, “Over My Dead Body” with director Andy Fickman (“The Game Plan”).


Among the company’s slate of television development and production projects is a half-hour sitcom starring comedienne “Leanne Morgan” and “Chess,” a one-hour drama series created by Jim Manos (“Dexter”) for Showtime. 


              ADDITIONAL CREDITS                                                       


              Bernie Tiede                            Jack Black                                         

              Marjorie Nugent              Shirley MacLaine                           

              Danny Buck              Matthew McConaughey             

              Scrappy Holmes                 Brady Coleman                                         

              Lloyd Hornbuckle              Richard Robichaux                                         

              Don Leggett                  Rick Dial                                         

              Sheriff HUCKABEE              Brandon Smith                                         

              Rev. Woodard              Larry Jack Dotson                     

              MOLLY              Merrilee McCommas                           

              Carl              Mathew Greer                            



              (in order of appearance)

              Marjorie Dome

              Tim Cariker

              Fern Luker

              Jack Payne

              Sonny Davis

              Chris Humphrey

              Ann Reeves

              Kay Epperson

              Ira Bounds

              James Baker

              Kay McConaughey

              Kristi Youngblood

              Kenny Brevard

              Margaret Bowman

              Mollie Fuller

              Tanja Givens

              Glenda Jones

              Travis Blevins

              Sylvia Froman

              Martha Long

              Jo Perkins

              Reba Tarjick

              Dale Dudley

              James Wilson

              Teresa Edwards

              Billy Vaticalos

              Rob Anthony

              Tommy Kendrick

              Pam McDonald

              Kathy Gollmitzer

              Cozette McNeely

Professor Fleming      Richard Jones

              Friend of Deceased                            Charles Bailey             

              Mrs. Pebworth                            Suzi McLaughlin

              Mr. Eckles                            Grant James

              Mrs. Eckles                            Juli Erickson

              Dwayne Nugent                            J.D. Young

              Dwayne Jr.                            Charlie Stewart

              Lewie                            Joe Stevens

              Esmerelda                            Raquel Gavia

              Church Goer                            Amparo Garcia-Crow

              Oil Worker                            Toby Metcalf

              Chainsaw Artist                            Doug Moreland

              Pianist                            Edward Ji

              Guys & Dolls Performer                            Jill Blackwood

              Mel                            David Blackwell

              Kevin                            Gabriel Luna

              Photographer                            Deana Newcomb

              Assistant Director                            David Steakley

              Bank Manager                            Peter Harrell, Jr.

              Deputy Sheriff                            Joe Reynolds

              Truck Driver                            Christian Stokes

              Generator Operator                            John Hornbuckle

              Sheriff’s Deputy #2                            Wray Crawford

              Café Waitress                            Margaret Hoard

              IRS Man                            Charles Allen Eskew

              TV Reporter                            Quita Culpepper

              Cashier                            Mona Lee Fultz

              Judge                            Jerry Biggs

              Lead Juror                            Robert Works

              Stunt Coordinator                            Jeff Schwan

              Marjorie Stunt Double                            Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan

              Airplane Pilot                            Tristan Walling

Community Theater Group

              Chris Barfield                            Taylor Bryant

              Colin Bevis                            Jacqui Bloom

              Joshua Denning                            Ellie Edwards

              Alaina Flores                            Jennifer Foster

              Leslie Hethcox                            Jordan Hill

              Berkley Jones                            Trevor McGinnis

              Mika Odom                            Chell Parkins

              David Ponton                            Gray Randolph

              Rachel Hull-Ryde                            Ian Saunders

              Madelyn Shaffer                            Larissa Slota

              Daniel Rae Srivastava                            Ellen Stader

              Lara Wright                                                                                                                                           

Mrs. Senior Carthage Pageant Contestants

              Betty Andrews                                          Marcia Bailey

              Umpy Bechtol                                          Nita Bouldin             

              Nelle Hickerson                                          Jeanetta Kloppe

              Geraldine Miller                                          Sharon Rigsbee

              Debbie Shaw                                          Flo Weiershausen             

              Gina Wooten


              Gary Askins                                          Benjamin Bachelder                                         

              Meredith Beal                                          Stacey Bruck

              Michelle Briscoe                                          Lesa Brooks

              Gayla Bruce                                          Brenda Bunton

              Kristi Copeland                                          Jeff Davis

              Orion Gallagher                                          Kenneth Liverman                                                                     

              Linda Rudwick                                          Mary Stifflemire

              Unit Production Manager                            Ginger Sledge

              First Assistant Director                            George Sledge

              Second Assistant Director                             Kayse Goodell                           


In Association with

Collins House Productions, LLC


Horsethief Pictures, LLC

              Production Supervisor                            Karen Wacker

              Post Production Supervisor                            Nancy Kirhoffer

              Music Supervisor                            Lisa Brown Leopold

              Co-Producers                            Kirsten McMurray

                                          Mark Mower

                                          Hardy Justice

              Associate Producers                            Todd Labarowski

                                          Sean McEwen

                                          Kannoo Ravindran

                                          Tiller Russell

                                          Shane Stanger

              Art Director                            Rodney Becker

              Graphic Designer                            Ellen Lampl

              Art Department Coordinator                            Chia Berry

              Art Department Trainees                            Chris Mekhail

                                          Andrew Schwartz

              Art Department Interns                            Garrett Smith

                                          Justin Brookhart

              Leadman                            Aaron Statler

              On Set Dresser                            Melanie Ferguson

              Additional Shopper                            Juliana Hoffpauir

              Set Dressers

              Chris Clayton                            George Dishner

              Evan Hodge                            Justin Stegall

              Matt Miller

              “A” Camera Operator                            Dick Pope

              “A” Camera First Assistant                            Steve Speers

              “A” Camera Second Assistant                            Kelly Bogdan

              2nd Unit DP/  “B” Camera Operator                            Shane Kelly

              “B” Camera First Assistant                            Rob McGrath

              “B” Camera Second Assistant                            Don Howe

              Additional Camera Unit                            Wilson Waggoner

                                          Vance Holmes

              Digital Imaging Technician                            Dustin Cross

              Still Photographers                            Deana Newcomb

                                          Van Redin

              Sound Mixer                            John Pritchett

              Boom Operator                            David Roberts

              Cable Person                            Kay Colvin

              Video Assist Operator                            Roger Basquette

              Production Accountant                            Molly Murray-Bunner

              1st Assistant/Post Production Accountant                            Jenni Wieland

              Payroll Accountant                            Kathleen Shaw

              Accounting Clerk                            Brett Bunner

              Accounting Intern                            Weston Smith

              Production Coordinator                            Leigh Davis

              Assistant Production Coordinator                            Kate Poss

              Production Secretary                            Shawn Williams Brown

              Second Second Assistant Director                            Michele Cusick

              Script Supervisor                            Brooke Satrazemis

              Chief Lighting Technician                            Mark Manthey

              Best Boy Electricians                            Scott Sprague

                                          Spencer Pharr


              Brad Keffer                            Travis Travis             

              Wes Dixon

              Rigging Gaffer                            Scott Conn

              Rigging Electric Best Boy                            Russell Beard

              Rigging Electricians                            Nathan Brown

                                          Troy Anderson



              Key Grip                            Marc Andrus

              Best Boy Grip                            Steve Drake

              “A” Dolly Grip                            Matt Cowan

              Patrick Fortune                            Wes Ahl

              Chip Huntington                            Richard Nance

              Key Rigging Grip                            Rob Hicks

              Rigging Grip Best Boy                            Peter Kolb

              Rigging Grips                            Ron Mann

                                          Doug Gessaman

              Property Master                            Jonathan Shaffer

              Assistant Property Master                            Leila Dallal

              Armourer                            Koen Wooten

              Armadillo Handler                            Ralph Fisher

              Construction Coordinator                            Tom Ward

              Gang Boss                            Dave Menefee

              Lead Scenic                            BJ Smith

              Scenics                            Pat Martine

                                          Juliet Guimont

              Propmakers                            Zak Ward

                                          Allan Holder

              Utility Technician                            Mike Smothers

              Makeup/ Hair for Mr. Black                            Roz Music

              Dialect Coach for Mr. Black                            Elizabeth Hamel

              Department Head Makeup                            Pamela Westmore

              Key Makeup Artist                             Kara Sutherlin

              Additional Makeup Artist                            Michaela Farrell

              Department Head Hair                            Roxie Hodenfield             

              Key Hairstylist                            Charmaine Richards

              Additional Hairstylist                            Leola Perez

              Costume Supervisor                            Robin McMullan

              Costume Buyer                            Lee Hunsacker

              Key Costumer                            Stephanie Steel

                                          John Smith

              Costumer/ Stitcher                            Brenda Chambers             

              Additional Costumer                            Mirin Soliz

              Costume Production Assistants                            Sara Cummings

                                          Lara McElroy

              Location Manager                            James Crowley

              Co-Location Manager                            Joey Hudgins

              Assistant Location Manager                            Chris Cantu-Salazar

              On Set Locations                            Vernon Smith

              On Set Locations/ Gossip Unit                            Frank Kearl

              Location Scout                            Peter Atherton

              Locations Trainee                            Anthony Foreman

              Locations Intern                            Corbin Clem

              Assistant to Mr. Linklater                            Kirsten McMurray

              Assistant to Ms. Sledge                            Chris Jackson

              Assistant to Mr. Black                            Katie Shook

              Assistant to Mr. Black (TX)                            Alex Milan

              Assistant to Ms. MacLaine                            Kristen Vela

              Assistant to Mr. McConaughey                            Quin Parthasarathy

              Set Production Assistants                            Donald Banks

                                          Brian Sutherin

                                          Jeremy Mohler

                                          John Cates

                                          Leslie Frid

              Production Trainee                            Nicole Beaudoin

              Office Intern                            Cayla Cox

              Additional Office Interns                            Meghan Welsch

                                          Melissa Volz

                                          Gema Beasley

              Extras Casting Director                            Tina Kerr

              Extras Casting Assistants                            Ashley Hallford

                                          Iris Davis-Quick

              Special Effects Coordinator                            Everett Byrom

              EPK                            Michael Mattioli

                                          Harry Rabin

              Set Medic                            Raigen Thornton

              Security                            Brigade Security

              Bernie Stand-In                            Jeremy Decker

              Marjorie Stand-In                             Kimberly Couture

              Danny Stand-In                            Brice Lane

                Choreographer                            Robin Lewis

                                             ZACH Theatre Artistic Director                            Dave Steakley

              Catering by                            Locations Catering

              Head Chef                            Joel Poage

              Catering Assistants                            Matthew Baugh

                                          Raymond Hemza

              Craft Service                            Kip Harvey

              Craft Service Assistant                             Mark Sepulveda

              Transportation Coordinator                            Marti Wells

              Transportation Captain                            Charlie Coulter

              Transportation Co-Captain                            Lonnie Nelson


              Joe Lockwood                            Ronnie Reeves             

              Frank DeLaFuente                            Ed Andrade             

              Hector Rodriguez                            Fred Davis

              Dustin Little                            Charles Russell             

              Wilburn White                            Dwight “Curly” Cary             

              Cliff Hunt                            Steven Willhoite

              Mike Hitch                            Victor Villarreal

              First Assistant Editors                            David Rosenblatt

                                          Mike Saenz

              Post Production Coordinator                            David Townsend

              Post Production Assistants                            Pete Cardella

                                          Chelsea Dinsdale

              Post Production Interns                            Cristine Cardenas

                                          Chance Gilbert

              Photo Archivist                            Ashley Adair

                   Post Production Sound Services by      Soundcrafter, Austin, Texas

              Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer                            Tom Hammond

              Sound Designer                            Justin Hennard

              Dialogue Editor                            Wayne Bell

              Foley Artist/Foley Editor                            Susan Fitz-Simon

              Sound Editor                            Glenn Eanes

              Additional Re-Recording Mixer                            Gary C. Bourgeois

              ADR Recording                            The Sound Lab, Austin, Texas

              Printmastering Facility                            King Soundworks             

              Visual Effects by                            Radium/ Reel Fx

              Executive Producer                            Pete Herzog

              VFX Supervisors                            Dan Dixon

                                          Dale Carman

              Producer                            Leah Garner

              Compositors                            John Rogalski

                                          Randall Smith

                                          Doug Hogan

                                          Dag Ivarsoy

              VFX Artists                            Mike Roy

                                          Laychin Lee

              Matte Painter                            Dustin D’arnault

              Digital Intermediate Services provided by Deluxe Digital Media

              DI Editor                            Thom Whitehead

              DI Final Colorist                            Kevin O’Connor

              DI Engineer                            Mark Smith

              DI Producer                            Laura Geucherian

              Data Wrangler                            Ryan Gladden

              Graphics and Title Design by                            Jason Marlow

              Score Producer                            Graham Reynolds

              Music Editor                            Buzz Moran

                                                           Musicologist                                Matt Lilley

              Recorded and Mixed by                             Buzz Moran and Graham Reynolds                           

              Music Recorded at                            Red House Studio, Austin, Texas

                                          Additional Recording by      Marty Lester at Tequila Mockingbird


              Vocals                            Jack Black

                                          Petra Haden                                                                                                                              Tanya Haden

                                          Rachel Haden

                                          Dale Watson                                                                                                                              Redd Volkaert

              Guitar                            Dale Watson             

                                          Redd Volkaert

                                          Adam Sultan

              Steel Guitar                            Ricky Davis

              Bass                            Utah Hamrick


              Drums                            Jeremy Bruch

                                          Tom Lewis

                                          Mike Bernal

                                          Graham Reynolds

              Violin                            Alexis Buffum

                                          Paul Robertson

                                          James Anderson

                                          Maurice Chammah

                                          Joseph Shuffield

              Viola                            Leah Nelson

                                          Jason Elinoff

              Cello                            Valerie Klatt Fischer

                                          Jonathan Dexter                                                                                                                              Hector Moreno

              Saxophone                            Paul Klemperer

              Accordion, Trumpet                            Jimmy Shortell

              Clarinet                            Ben Saffer

                                          Paul Klemperer

                                          Rebecca Jordan

              Oboe                            Rebecca Haskins

              Bassoon                            Julia Windle

              Flute                            Seetha Shivaswarmy

              French Horn                            Jenni Wieland

              Trombone                            Freddie Mendoza

              Piano                            Graham Reynolds                           


“Love Lifted Me”

Written by James Rowe and Howard E. Smith

Performed by The Florida Boys

Courtesy of Word Entertainment

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing


“Turn Around”

Written by Leslie Anne Sloan

Performed by Miss Leslie

Courtesy of Zero Label Records


“Amazing Grace”

Written by John Newton

Performed by Jack Black


“Just As I Am”

Written by Charlotte Elliott and Wm B. Bradbury

Performed by Jack Black


“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Courtesy of 5 Alarm Music


“Blessed Assurance”

Written by Fanny J. Crosby and Mrs. J.F. Knapp

Performed by Jack Black


“Everything… About Drinkin’”

Written by Earl Poole Ball and Deoin Lay

Performed by Heybale!

Courtesy of Shuffle 5 Records


“What Ever Happened To Sam”

Written by Dale Wat son

Performed by Dale Watson

Courtesy of Dale Watson Music


“Fantaisie – Impromptu In c# minor op.66

Written by Frédéric Chopin

Performed by Edward Li


“I’ve Never Been In Love Before”

Written by Frank Loesser

Performed by Jack Black and Jill Blackwood


“I Can Get Over You”

Written by Leslie Anne Sloan

Performed by Miss Leslie

Courtesy of Zero Label Records


“El Colas”

Written by Mitote

Performed by Mitote

                       Courtesy               of               Mitote


“Seventy-Six Trombones”

Written by Meredith Willson

Performed by Jack Black

Courtesy of Caryn Minoun/Disc On Demand


“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

Written by Tony Meehan

Courtesy of APM Music


“Beautiful Dreamer”

Written by Stephen C. Foster

Performed by Jack Black


“He Touched Me”

Written by William J. Gaither

Performed by Jack Black


“Los Refugios”

Written by Alex Chavez and Mitote

Performed by Mitote

Courtesy of Mitote


“I’ve Done That Before”

Written by Dale Watson

Performed by Dale Watson

Courtesy of Dale Watson Music


“Let Me Go To Hell (The Way I Want To)”

Written by Gary Claxton and Earl Poole Ball

Performed by Heybale!

Courtesy of Shuttle 5 Records


“We Need To Talk”

Written by Redd Volkaert and Laura Durham

Performed by Redd Volkaert

Courtesy of Redd Volkaert



“Bernie What Have You Done”

Written and Performed by James Baker


“Love Lifted Me”

Performed by Jack Black

Produced by Graham Reynolds

Assisted by Buzz Moran

Engineered by Marty Lester

Recorded at Tequila Mockingbird


Meredith Willson’s The Music Man Book

                                                                      Music and Lyrics by Meredith Willson,

                                                        Story by Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey 

Courtesy of The Rosemary Willson Administrative Trust/Happy Valley Foundation


Special Thanks

City of Carthage, Texas

City of Bastrop, Texas

Texas Film Commission, Lyndsey Ashley

Bastrop Film Commission, Judith Hoover

Ballet Austin, Artistic Director Stephen Mills

Ballet Sets and Costumes by Peter Cazalet

Boston Ballet, Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen

Texas State University

Musical Theatre Department

Zach Scott Theatre


Paul Beutel, The Long Center, Austin Texas

Crystal Smith, The Lost Pines Resort,  Bastrop, Texas

Bill Pennington, Pennington Funeral Home, San Marcos, Texas

Andy Smith, First United Methodist Church, Bastrop, Texas

Class Act Tap Dancers of Austin, Texas

Jan Maynard and Trey Patterson

Marc and Meredith Stephens of MPS, Dallas, Texas

Filmula Entertainment, LLC

Film Finances, Inc.

Bank Leumi USA

224 Entertainment, LLC

Pariah Investments, Inc.

Cheryl Middleman

Bobby Tinkle

Delores Halliburton

Carol Dartez

Dusty Rhodes

Libby Novy

Valerie Frazee

Charlie Quary

Carol Biggs

Faye and Bill Dudley

Randall Poster

Mark Yeh

Jacques Boudreau

Jason Alleyne

Steve Kerr

Tricia Linklater

              Arri Alexa Cameras provided by                            MPS Studios

              Camera Cranes, Dollies, Remote & Stabilized Camera Systems/

              Hydrascope Telescoping Crane Arm/ Camera Car by                           

              Chapman/ Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc.

              Grip/ Electric Equipment furnished by                             Cinelease             

              Video Playback by                            Amangamek Film & Video

              Avid Editing Systems provided by                            Fotokem

              Rights and Clearances                            Act One Clearances

              Business and Legal Affairs                            Sloss Eckhouse LawCo LLP

                                          Jackie Eckhouse

                                          Karen Segall


In remembrance of

Lou Perryman

Eagle Pennell

"You guys were with us on this one."

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