UFOs, Aliens and Intelligent Life on Other Planets
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SINCE ENTERING adolescence 50 years ago, I have found the topic of UFOs, aliens and intelligent life on other planets a fascinating one. My interest was first piqued by stories I saw on television in such shows as The Outer Limits. By my senior year in high school, I had seen many of the science fiction movies which had come out by 1966, and read of the famous stories which had been written or broadcast on radio before the time of television.

The Space Race was on in 1966, and little did we know we were only three years away from man walking on the moon the first time. Stories of Roswell and other mysterious encounters were being explored in writing, in film and on television. Suddenly, reaching other planets did not seem such a fantastic dream.

There can be little doubt that there are many UFO sightings. An unidentified flying object is just that. The existence of one does not mean the object seen is extra-terrestrial, or that it contains any intelligent life. It merely means the object cannot be identified. In an age in which government has developed many aerial weapons which go through long periods of development, it is not surprising that some flying objects which are unidentified remain unidentified because government does not want to identify them.

When we set aside all the weather inversions, all the sightings of planets, all the aircraft, all the secret military developments, and all the substance induced visions of heavenly UFOs, there remain a number of sightings which appear to be other worldly and substantiated by significant and reliable witnesses. Are they all crazy? Are they all deluded? Are they all to be written off? I think not.

If we could compare what we know about the universe to what we do not know, our combined knowledge would be the size of the smallest known atomic matter compared to the size of our sun. We are all captives of our own knowledge and our own minds. The scientific method forces us to prove that something is true by testing it, but every scientific discovery starts not with proof, but with belief which cannot yet be proven. Sometimes the technology and knowledge to prove something do not exist to verify a proposed notion. Look at DNA evidence, and the manner in which it has proved and disproved everything from birth parentage to criminal vindications, all in the past twenty years. Imagine what the future holds.

In my view, there can be little doubt that intelligent life exists elsewhere in our universe. Billions of stars and billions of planets strung out across the universe suggest so. Given the length of time our world has existed and the length of time other parts of the universe have existed, it seems likely that more intelligent, more advanced life exists out there somewhere. The only real question is “where are they?”

We cannot fathom how intelligent life could travel from another solar system to ours, but part of that equation is our limited knowledge. Our limited understanding and ability to know more about things like worm holes does not mean our limited knowledge is true—only that we are trapped inside our limited knowledge—for now.

I do not know if aliens have ever traveled to this planet from any other planet. I do not know if time travel is possible, or if so, whether future humans have come back to our time. I do not know if dimensional travel is possible, and if so, how that might be manifested. I do know that the amount of things we do not know so vastly outweigh what we do know that ruling out any such ideas is unwarranted.

No one 200 years ago could imagine the world we have today. As Buzz Lightyear said, “to infinity and beyond!” That’s good enough for me. I choose to remain open minded to all things.

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Jim “Pappy” Moore is a native son of East Texas who still makes the piney woods his home. oaktreefm58@juno.com
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