Gilmer man returns lost ring
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KEITH WILLS returns Tina Trussell's lost class ring to her after finding it in Lake Holbrook.
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On another very hot Summer day last week, Keith Wills of Gilmer decided to search Lake Holbrook outside Mineola using his "underwater" type metal detector. He uses this special metal detector during the Summer months to find lost jewelry and coins in many of the local lakes in East Texas area. While he searched the swimming area at Lake Holbrook he heard a strong signal and used his long handle type surf scoop to retrieve the object. It was a 1989 Grand Saline High School class ring that someone lost while swimming there. Instead of keeping the 10 karat gold ring which some would do for it was worth about $200.00 nowadays just in gold value, Keith started what turned out to be a two hour search on the Internet to find the owner of the gold class ring. The name on the inside of the class ring, year of graduation, name of school assisted in his search.

Keith has been treasure hunting for 34 years now and has successfully located and returned over 40 such rings to their owners. Again Keith found the owner of the gold class ring through her father in Grand Saline, Texas. They notified their daughter that her recently lost school ring had been found and Keith was willing to return it to her at no charge. Ring owner: Tina Trussell met with Keith (photo attached) and was presented with her ring she thought she never see again. Mrs. Trussell stated she could not believe someone would be so honest as to willing return her lost ring instead of selling it. When Keith was ask why he does this good deed he stated: " I know the ring means much more to them than it would ever mean to anyone else, I'm just happy to help folks out and love to see their faces when they see their lost ring again." 

Keith owns and operates East Texas Metal Detectors here in Gilmer and has many years of experience in all forms of treasure hunting. He is a historian and was featured on the cover of several national magazines and in Life Magazine as one of the top treasure hunters in America in March 2006. 

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