UFOs Over Liberty, Texas
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FRIDAY NIGHT, May 29, 2009, at 8:09 p.m., a commercial airline pilot who had just taken off from Houston's Bush International Airport reported to the FAA that a UFO which appeared to be a rocket or missile flew directly at his commercial aircraft, flying 100 feet under it. The airliner was flying at 13,000 feet and over Liberty, Texas at the time.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Liberty County Sheriff's Department met on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 to discuss the incident. The FBI acknowledged they are aware of the sighting.

What makes this sighting so intriguing is that it is very similar to an almost identical sighting made over Liberty, Texas a year ago, also by a commercial airline pilot who had also taken off from Bush International.

No source of the rocket or missile has been found in either the May, 2008 or May 2009 UFO sightings over Liberty, Texas.

Many years ago, there was another, more curious sighting in that area of East Texas. On December 29, 1980, a UFO incident occurred over Dayton, Texas, less than ten miles from Liberty, Texas. The event came to be known as the "Cash-Landrum Incident." There were three people in a car - Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and Vickie's grandson, Colby Landrum, then seven years old.

AROUND 9 P.M., the trio saw a large UFO overhead that was flying low and producing tremendous light, so much that they stopped the car due to the heat, which was oppressive. The boy remained in the car, while Landrum and Cash got out and took a closer look. They described the object as large, intensely bright, and having a dull metallic luster. It had small blue lights, and occasionally emitted what appeared to be something similar to a flame. It made movements upward or downward.

The heat they felt was intense. Landrum soon returned to the car, but Cash remained, fascinated by the object. Cash said the car surface became so hot, she had to use her coat to grab the door handle to open the car door when she returned to the car. The dashboard was so hot, when she placed her hand on it, the imprint was left for weeks.

The object then began moving to a greater altitude, and as it became a remote light in the sky, Cash and Landrum reported seeing almost two dozen helicopters in the area overhead. Some of those helicopters appeared to be large, military helicopters. A Dayton police Detective, Lamar Walker, and his wife reported seeing about a dozen helicopters in the same area that night.

BETTY CASH came down with a variety of strange symptoms following the incident which predated but predicted The X-Files. She had blisters, nausea, vomiting, and could barely walk. The UFO organization called MUFON had a radiologist who looked at her medical records from the event and concluded that she suffered ionizing radiation.

For some time thereafter, Betty Cash pursued the incident, but appeared to get the run around from the government. It was a wild goose chase, which ended with the federal government denying that any military helicopters had been in the area on the night in question.

By definition these things are UFOs - Unidentified Flying Objects. They appear and are reported by sane, often credible witnesses. In spite of that, they are given short shrift, and those who want to discuss these incidents beyond standard government denials are subjected to taunts of "tin foil." But the truth is out there.

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Jim "Pappy" Moore is a a native son of East Texas who still makes the piney woods his home.

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November 15, 2009
The incident with the 2 victims seems like they came in contact with "ball lightning". The pilots sightings could also be explained.

In a recent issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research, physicist Friedemann Freund theorizes that positive charges can be generated when huge stresses are generated along faults in the Earth's crust. The rocks in the crust normally act as insulators that conduct electrical charges only poorly. But under the severe stress generated before an earthquake, these rocks may behave briefly like "p-type semiconductors" found in computer chips, capable of releasing large numbers of positive charges referred to as "holes."

These charges speed upward toward the surface of the Earth at between 220 and 660 mph.

Freund, a professor at San Jose State University in California, thinks they ionize the atmosphere upon reaching the air, accounting for the bizarre effects -- radio interference and colored streamers, flashes and glows reported by thousands of observers. Among them:

Radio interference reported in the days before the worst quake recorded (magnitude 9.5), in Chile in 1961, as well as Alaska's magnitude 9.2 Good Friday quake in 1964.
Jim "Pappy" Moore
June 08, 2009

I agree that the two incidents of 2008 and 2009 appear to be some form of missile. The 2008 incident involved a commercial liner at about 5000 feet altitude. The 2009 incident has been reported at 13,000 feet or 16,000, which would be two and half to three miles high.

The 5000 foot incident seems like it could be an amateur firing a rocket, but the higher one seems less so. Also, the trajectory of the second one suggests it was flying horizontally for some period of time.

There has been a follow up report, but I noted that it simply attributed to "investigators" the conclusion that it was an amateur rocket, with no identification of who the investigators were that concluded that or why they concluded it. I'm dubious of government press releases that fail to identify sources fully. The sheriff has said he does not know of any such private rocket firing in the area.

In my view, the determination has been made to say "nothing to see here, move along" to the public on this topic, and that's the end of that.

Jim "Pappy" Moore
June 08, 2009

I know the government is compartmentalized when it comes to dealing with UFO reports. I summarized the actions of the federal government in the 1980 incident as "the run around." I think that accurately describes how they kept sending Ms. Cash and her representatives to other agencies, and everyone denied any knowledge of the event or the helicopters seen by five separate witnesses on that December night.

It may have been an experimental aircraft, but whatever it was, the federal government agencies charged with the duty of knowing what is going on in the skies professed ignorance. The federal government tends to cloak under the veil of National Security anything it doesn't want to discuss with the public.

June 04, 2009
When you say "the federal government denied that any military helicopters had been in the area", consider that the federal gov't has many hands and this sort of information is intentinally hidden from most of the people in the U.S. Government.

A few years ago, members of the Disclosure project - a group of over 400 eyewitnesses to UFO phenomenom (including many former government & military employees) gave sworn, video taped testimoney regarding what they had seen, and offered to testfify before congress. Their leader - Dr. Steven Greer, answered the following question:

Q. Are you saying that...the US Government has known about the UFO phenomenon and has tried to keep that information away from the public

in a conscious way?

SG: Well, yes and no. And the reason I have to say yes and no is that you must define 'US Government'. The group that I referred to, which

has been called MJ-12, or Majestic 12, and alternately PI-40 (I don't know what that stands for), should not be confused with the US

Government. For example, I spent nearly three hours briefing a sitting director of Central Intelligence, a CIA director, about this because

he couldn't find out anything on the subject. So when someone says 'the US Government' is holding back information, what they have to understand is that 'the US Government' and 99.9 per cent of the people in it have no knowledge of this subject. I'm referring to relevant members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that I briefed, relevant

members of the White House staff and the CIA, and very relevant senior members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Greer and many others think that there is a intentional coverup of the UFO phenomenom- by the ruling elite, because they see the space brothers

asa threat to their power/domination over the human race. Apparently, they want to help us break free from the tyranny of the greed driven, energy corporations. He says that clean, cheap energy is available to every body, but is covered up by those who profit by dominating the human race with their massive corporations.

June 03, 2009
Hi Jim,

The 2 reports by pilots departing from Bush Airport are troubling since they were described by the witnesses as "rockets" or "missiles." That suggests someone intentionally trying to bring down an airliner. It doesn't sound to me as if the pilots were reporting something they thought was behaving in an unconventional way, like most UFO reports.

The Cash-Landrum incident is fascinating because of the amazing, inexplicable object behavior; the documented burns and injury to 2 of the witnesses, causing serious long-term health issues attributable to the incident; and the presence of (apparently) U.S. military helicopters nearby either giving chase or accompanying the object (with no comment, admissions, co-operation, or acknowledgement, of course, on the part of the government).