Worry-Free Essay Writing
by judes
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Those who generally dislike essay writing may have problems amid the activity. However there are techniques for non-writers on how to alleviate the anxieties and worries in writing.

      First, the writer should bear in mind the objectives in essay writing. There is nothing wrong if the writer writes for his grade's sake. However, there is a major difference in terms of quality in getting a high grade and just submitting the paper. The writer should be wise in choosing his set of objectives.

      How to achieve a worry-free essay writing session? First is eliminating negative emotions and energies. Some people practice yoga, and some perform rites to eliminate negative forces, but a student need not do the same. Choosing an area very conducive for writing, pampering oneself with a preferred drink and looking at a pleasureable sight are enough to relax and cast away the negative energies.

      Is that teacher tormentng the student with the deadline? Shift to a more pleasurable and less stressful notion of the finish line. Instead of perennially thinking of the teacher, think of something or someone else. What do I get when I finish this? Everything good.

      Of course, a student cannot escape the notion of discipline. STOP PROCRASTINATING. Once the teacher signals the class to write, then start brainstorming.

      Seek help. If a student is not good at writing, then admit it, but don't let it get in the way since there are people who can aid in writing. It is not wrong to seek help.

      Worries and anxieties are psychological. If a student has a positive mindset even towards the least preferred activity, then he can meet his goals. All it takes is setting one's mind to it, focusing on it, and then becoming dedicated for it.

      Debbie Robinson is a Psychology degree holder in Ohio. After obtaining her degree in 2004 Robinson worked as an HR. She later realized that she is more of an educator. During her past time, she engages in essay writing, mostly about individuality. She is to tie the knot this fall.

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December 31, 2010

News Story is at: http://www.kltv.com/global/story.asp?s=13762305#

Three Upshur County Officials were charged with official oppression and abuse of official capacity by a grand jury.

Sheriff Anthony Betteron, Judge Dean Fowler, and precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree all turned themselves in after they were charged.

These charges stem from the Upshur County Commissioner's court ending public comments at meetings.

KLTV has also learned that Upshur County Judge Dean Fowler cast the tie-breaking vote to once again, allow public comment at meetings.

For weeks, residents taped their mouths shut in silent protest during the meetings. Some even wore their disgust with the rule on their sleeves, wearing shirts that read "Can you hear me now?"

Public comment will be allowed at the next meeting, but two new commissioners are expected to join the court after the first of the year.


"Sheriff Anthony Betteron, Judge Dean Fowler, and precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree all turned themselves in after they were charged."

I just checked the Upshur County Judical Records, not any of the 3 were booked in or mug shots taken. If your charged, you have to be arrested and if your arrested you have to be booked in. Are these 3 being given special treatment? I and the rest of the citizens of Upshur County would like to know why these three seem to have been given very preferential treatment. What does the newspaper have to say about this?

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May 27, 2010
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