Windows 7 tweaks to make work easier
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We all want to get a good work/life balance, but it is never so far away than with our work products and accessories. Trying to relax at home is never the same when you’re in your work uniform or office outfit, and it’s always awkward when colleagues turn up on a social night with friends. But combining work with home is never as hard as when you use the same laptop for work as you do at home.

This isn’t an article about how to get away with using your work-sponsored computer for private use, but this is about making sure your laptop has a clear distinction between work and home life. There are some windows 7 tweaks that will help you with this.

The first of the windows 7 tweaks to help with this is to make sure that you have distinct folders for everything. The windows 7 library comes with four preset folders that makes saving files to the right place very easy. The four folders are Documents (the preset save point for documents such as PDF files), Pictures (the preset save point for picture files such as .JPG and .GIF), Music (the preset save point for music files such as .mp3) and Videos (the preset save point for movie files such as .mp4). You can add as many files and folders to these destinations as you want, but you can also make a new library. You can add a home or work library to keep everything you do separate.   

Another one of the many windows 7 tweaks that helps you to keep home and work life separate is the distinction of themes. You can set up and save many different themes that involve the way your computer looks. For example, your work theme may involve no sounds and the default windows 7 background, but your home theme has loud sounds and your family’s summer vacation pictures as a slide show for your desktop background.

Another helpful windows 7 tweak is the quick ability to change your computers name. If you got the laptop through work then it will most likely have a number assigned to it, or maybe even the previous owner’s name. Changing the name of a computer on windows 7 is quite easy. All you have to do it right click on ‘computer’ in the start bar and select properties. On the left hand side you will see advanced settings, click on that, and click on then ‘computer name’ and then ‘change’. Now you can personalise the computer with your name or a nick name, whatever you prefer.

These are just some of the great windows 7 tweaks available. There are also a lot of windows 7 performance tweaks and windows 7 ssd tweaks (SSD stands for solid-state drive). If you do a search for these terms you will come up with a lot of other tweaks to make your computer run the way you want it to or just plain run faster. Windows 7 is a great upgrade from Vista and XP and it will let you run your computer the way you want to.

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