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 SHAME on Superintendent and School Board
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Shame Shame

 Just learned Mr. Buchanan will not be here next year for the elementary school. Supposedly, it is because of budget reason. BULL! Here is the real story.

 Albritton had already promised, verbally , the job to someone else. BUT the hiring committee chose Mr. Buchanan over his selection. This not only made him furious he also had to create a position for this person at an extra expense. This PERSON, coincidently, has 2 above average football sons. Now that the budget crisis has hit he has to eliminate some positions. Perfect to get his way by going with the person he wanted all along and getting rid of Mr. Buchanan. Now Albritton ( who is the highest paid 3A superintendent in the state making $230,000 a year with perks, has a background as a CPA and has NEVER been a principal) is getting rid of the best principal I ( and many others ) have every worked for. He has changed this school 180 degrees from what it had been. We feel appreciated, the kids enjoy coming to school, attendance is up, discipline is down and he is firm but fair no matter what race or economical background you come from. THIS IS A SHAME! The good ol' boy network is still alive and kicking in Gilmer. Remember this when our school board ( which is supposed to be looking out for the best interest of our kids ) come up for re-election!!!!!! No this is not my real name.  Everyone knows if you dissagree with Albritton he makes it a personal vendetta to get you.


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Ex teacher at elem
June 30, 2011
So thankful to be out of this corrupt upper administration. Albritton- not sur where you got your leadership skills except you never made a decision on your on. Glad to be back in Houston . Community wake up!! He is a false prophet !!
yo mamma
May 13, 2011
Maybe all of you trashing our school board and Mr. Albritton should have the guts to say this stuff face to face and not hide behind a fake name. No situation is perfect and I'm sure you don't have all the facts. You are right, shame on you!!
Tax Payer
May 12, 2011
After reading the situation concerning Mr. Buchanan, I really was not surprised. Mr. Buchanan sounds like a wonderful principal and was loved by parents, students, and faculty. When is somebody going to get enough backbone to confront Mr. Albritton? HE IS OUT OF CONTROL!!! COME ON GILMER STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR STUDENTS AND EVERY DEDICATED TEACHER...

Do not let them continue operating in this way.
Tax Payer
May 12, 2011
This situation is totally unacceptable. It is time for the community to go to the school board meetings and make your voices heard loud and clear. Trust me, I know what I am talking about concerning these problems. IT IS TIME FOR A TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY AUDIT!!!!!!!!
Laughing About It
May 09, 2011
So what's more important Gilmer? Astroturf of teachers. You voted not too long ago for astroturf and many of the teachers were helping to push the bond issue. The boomerang came back to get you all. You can't spend Gilmer into the ground and not expect a cut sooner or later. Bye Bye Teachers!
parent with concern
May 06, 2011
Wow! I agree shame, shame, shame. I think he has been the best principal that this school has had. He is out in the school, walking, talking, helping the kids. He cares about the kids and the teachers. He does everything he can to keep everyone informed. For once the kids know who the principal is! That should tell you something. My kids have loved going to school more this year then they have in the past years. I know it's all because of Mr. B. He is full of great ideas and I would love for him to stay and see what next year and the years to come could hold for this school. I do not agree with the choice for the new principal next year. I don't feel he is the best choice. He may be good but over qualified. I think he will be a push over and not interact as much with the kids and the kids will not with him. I know the decision has not officially been made yet, but come on. This is who was wanted in the first place. It's sad the Mr. B had to move here from so far away to only work in this school system one year. We want to show/teach our kids teachers they can count on when you are getting rid of the good ones. Forget the "Names" and "who they are" kind of teachers and stick with who does the best job. If they have retired leave them in retirement. They can sub. Let the younger more qualified teacher take over. If you take a vote by the parents you would find out who to get rid of with a vote. Parents know best. We see what our kids have or have not been taught. Now, the teachers. I have heard of a bunch of teachers who will not be returning next year. Some I agree with and some I don't. Gilmer is getting rid of several good teachers and programs. As a parent I am not sure I want to see how next year is going to go. I am afraid kids will be left behind, classrooms will be harder, not much one on one time, 25 to 30 kids in a classroom. I heard no Art! Really?? The kids love this stuff. Kids need Art, Music, PE it helps them grow. Again, ask the parents of the elementary kids hear our voices and listen to what we have to say. We we have to say might just surprise you. We can see better on what is happening in our schools maybe a little better than you think.
concerned parent
April 21, 2011
It would be nice if there could be an investigation on how the cuts are being spread out. It would be unfortunate to the area to have a lot of people lose their jobs at the same time. I heard a rumor it was over 20 teachers that were asked to resign or would be terminated. That is a big economical hit for an area this small where not many jobs are available. The state cut the budget to prevent frivolous spending within education, and to prevent schools from getting too top heavy. I hope Gilmer schools is acting responsibly.
Gilmer resident
April 20, 2011
Now people are being told that he and all the other teachers voluntarily resigned. DUH! They were told they could resign or be NON RENEWED. (Fired). The Supt. is so spineless!!
Gilmer Teacher
April 18, 2011
I agree, Shame, Shame, Shame! He has done so much for our school.
LMAO Today
April 09, 2011
I'm glad to see other people have a beef with Albritton. He had a 1950 looking secretary working for him, when I spoke with him, that thought she was somebody. Yes, its very impressive to be doing what she is doing at 110 years of age. She's one of those people in Gilmer that thinks she is somebody because she has been there for 110 years. What a joke. His excuse for children not passing their classes was to send them to summer school. In a couple of weeks the child passes classes they could not pass all year. The child got passed along so Gilmer could keep getting its government checks, at the child's expense. Gilmer Schools, like most of its residents, likes to be on the government check system. Gilmer has been Academically Unacceptable for many years and only in the past year did it pull itself out of the deep hole Albritton and his staff dug themselves. Congratulations Gilmer, you have a football stadium with expensive astro-turf, but many of your students and graduates cannot do basic math to calculate sales tax. All Gilmer has done is to create the Al Bundy syndrome in its students. As they work for minimum wage for the rest of their lives they can remember their high school glory days playing football in Gilmer. Does this sound familiar 1950's secretary? And you wonder why your school and property taxes are so high Gilmer? It's because you allow people like this to run your schools and build schools buildings, put in astro-turf and other things that you don't really need. Maybe if Gilmer would work on educating its students instead of dumbing them down to the speed of the lowest performer in each of their classes Gilmer could accomplish something. I'm not holding my breath. I'm glad to see their budgets cut though. Maybe now these people will realize that the free ride is over and they will now actually have to find a real job and work for a living. The joke is clearly on the "educators" now.