Obama's BLACK
by Calvin_Monasco
 “Dying in CorUpshur County”
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The republicans finally figured it out. My man Obama is BULACK. SOHOHOH KRAKKA? Click link below. Man is the GOP getting nasty or whaaaat? At least they can no longer call him a Muslim huh? They act like they believe the American people don't already know this. This was filmed in 2008 and why does it matter to them that our President is not white? We are a nation of many races ethnic groups and religions. Should the Presidency of a multiple race Country be limited to only one race or a selected few? Would this be liberty to all? The only criticism they seem to have is that he is speaking to this congregation in their native tong  If the President spoke to an all Japanese group knew their language and only spoke in English wouldn't that be considered as rude? So now do we persecute our own elected leader because he knows black slang? I know black slang. As far as him saying our children our neighborhoods he says that in almost every speech he makes. He did make some statements directed to the black community but if he were speaking to Latino voters don't you think he would mention immigration. He is the President of all Americans not just white people. Come on people say no to racism. And they're right he did say he wants to educate blacks so they can get jobs stop selling drugs and get off of welfare and food stamps. Isn't this what you say you want? So you say black people act like we owe them something. We do we took them out of the jungle used them for mules put them out like stray dogs and expect them to be productive citizens of OUR society. So let's do what Obama said set up some programs to counsel them educate them put them to work and teach them how to live in our society and finally remedy this instead off constantly complaining about it. OK so Obama's black and anyone who has problem with that has a problem with the Constitution of the United States. Anything else? If we can't bring ourselves to deal with another race in our own Country who were displaced here by us how could ever ever deal with all the Nations of the world. It's no wonder that we are always involved in a war. Please fill free to leave a comment.  

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 Watch what the GOP calls Obama's other RACE SPEECH   

If you are a born in the USA white guy like me you may be having a hard time grasping this idea so I wrote another blog I call BLACK and WHITE that may help me explain. Please clink link below. 

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