Humility is next to Godliness
by RaphaelBunag
 It's Painstakingly Beautiful
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We always want success in our daily lives. I ask myself, what is the measurement that we are on the top of our own game? I'll believe that if he/she already has the value of Humility on their attitude.


Nowadays, people who gained fortune or fame directly flaunts anything they have.Not to take away to their personal merits but my point here is that if you incurred wealthy gains or lucks on your side,always look back to the people who made you and never take them for granted.Sometimes, It reflects to their interviews that they've forgotten their roots in which they really belong.


One good example of a Man who is very proud of his humble beginnings is the Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao. There is never a time that you felt any angst and boastful attitude on his numerous achievements as an Athlete even if he struts his expensive cars, luxurious houses and playing giochi casino.


I really want to suggest him to venture into writing his autobiography that tackles about his rollercoaster ride as person.Don't worry Manny, Whatever language you'll used. Your book about your struggles in life will be a sure hit. We'll read it wholeheartedly because your story is inspiring. Here's a friendly advice: Be proud but not too much, Humility is a way to Holiness.


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March 29, 2011
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