How to get a Great ‘Slow Computer Fix’
by DeliaDBouck
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Computers are some of the most important machines of the modern world. People use these machines in different aspects of life and they have therefore become very critical to the development of the human world. It is however important to note that sometimes people get into many inconveniences when their computers experience some problems. One of the most common computer complications involves slow speeds. So what exactly can one do to correct such a complication? Is there any known slow computer fix? Well the answer to these questions is pretty simple, if you can establish the cause of your slow computer speeds, then you can fix the problem. So what exactly are some of the causes of slow computer speeds?

One of the main causes of slow computer speeds is an infection of a computer virus. The computer is a very delicate machine and if not well protected using and anti-virus, then it may very easily get infected. The best slow computer fix for a problem caused by a virus is always an anti-virus scan. If you realize that your computer is running on a slower speed than normal and you suspect it is as a result of a virus attack, then the best thing for you to do is to scan your computer using the latest anti-virus software. The other thing that is most likely to cause slow computer speed is the amount of memory or RAM that is available.

If your computer has very little memory or RAM, then it is more likely that programs and other applications installed will load very slowly. The best slow computer fix for this problem would be to increase the size of your computer’s memory. Increasing size of a computer memory is very easy as you would only be required to purchase the hardware that holds the memory and install it manually, however if you cannot install it then you can always get an expert to do it for you. The next thing that may cause your computer to have slow speeds is the internet. Usually when you browse the internet, the computer stores some temporary data from the web pages that you go through and it is these data that can cause slow speeds in the computer.

The best slow computer fix for this kind of a situation is simply to clean the disks on the computer. Disk cleanup is a very simple process that almost anyone can do. All you have to do is to right click on the particular disk you want to clean and then select the option that allows you to clean the drive. Alternatively, you can click on the start button of your computer, then select control panel, and then go to ‘performance and maintenance’ then select ‘disk cleanup’ and follow the prompts. These are just some of the things that you can use in your search for a slow computer fix; always remember the solution lies in finding out the cause of the slow speed.

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