Homeless and Desolate in CorUpsher County
by Calvin_Monasco
 I refuse to put my family on the street.
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I bought a house in the Twin Lakes Community of Gilmer about five years ago.  The property is governed by a home owner’s organization/club of which I now own stock known as Gilmer Boating and Fishing Club (GB&FC).  You must be voted in to the club and become a stock holder to own a home in the community.  When they voted me in, I told them I would not purchase the home unless my brother and any of my adult children were allowed to live with me.  They agreed to allow my brother and any one or all of my children to live there.  I have been in my home now for five years.  My brother who is a disabled veteran and my son live with me.  GB&FC has since filed a lawsuit wanting me to throw my son and disabled brother out on the street.  They lied under oath and said the conversation where they agreed to allow my family to live with me, never took place.   As for the results of the law suit that they had no rite to file Judge Parish found against me and gave me 90 days to through them out.  I guess now that Judge Parish has not granted my request for retrial based newly found evidence that proves that witnesses called by plaintiff perjured themselves in her court, they will probably be filing for eviction, because I absolutely refuse to put my family on the street.  I intend to fight the eviction as well.  I am know longer held to there restriction because they refused to give me copies of all restrictions and minutes of all club meetings in which I am entitle to by law.  I would advise anyone to have nothing to do with that bunch of crooks.  They are very dishonest and hateful people. 


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Thank you so much PhilXXX,


That’s what we have been trying to get people in the judicial system to understand but all of the elected officials in Upshur County are in on it and when we try to go out of county we are told to see our County District Attorney Billy Byrd but he will not see us, speak to us, return calls or reply to registered mail from us. During the civil trial for the suit that was filed against me by Gilmer Boating and Fishing Club while the board members of GBaFC came into court one at a time and so obviously perjured themselves in front of Judge Lauren Parish by direction of Attorney Barry Wallace, County DA Billy Byrd and Sheriff Anthony Betterton were busy laughing and hugging all of the witnesses who were waiting outside in the hall way. After Judge Lauren Parish disregarded all statutes presented by my lawyer and the trial was dismissed they were all in the parking lot hugging and dancing around in celebration of victory and Judge Lauren Parish had not even announced her findings yet. She said it would be next week. My son and brother are getting extremely poor representation from their Attorneys appointed to their cases by the Court. These Attorneys will not see any of us or return calls as well.




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April 27, 2010
Hi simply me,

You certainly may ask. I have been living my home for five years now. My brother has been living with me all along and my son has lived with me almost five years.

Nice to hear from someone who isn’t just trying to beat me down.

Thank you for your interest.

simply me
April 27, 2010
may I ask how long you have lived there?