Corupshur County Officials Really Don't Care!!!
by larry4258
 Corupshur County Officials Really Don't Care!!!
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& its citizens don't care either???


Response to anonymous as posted under

Upshur County Indigent Care 1 updated

 The “We Don’t Care” Politicians of Corupshur County” (Fowler, Betterton, Byrd, Parish, etc.) have been confronted by this issue of Indigent Care in past Commissioner‘s Court Meetings and their response was “We don’t care.” That person past away without any help from Corupshur County Indigent Care to which she was entitled. The County is responsible for helping those who qualify for care, yet, speaking to health care workers in Corupshur County, they cannot recall anyone who had applied for help ever being granted help. The idea that the County is responsible only for the good of all and the individual has no right for help is ridiculous. The individual is part of the whole. How can you justify not helping those County Citizens in need. They are part of the whole. Others have and will in the future need this help, will qualify for the help and will be denied because the County Officials really don’t care about their constituents. Its all about them. Their paid very well by Corupshur County Citizens hopefully to be there in a position to do what’s right, not to run things contrary to law just because they can get away with it until someone files suit against the County. Giving these people the power to run things as they want without regard for the law is wrong but it appears there are many in this county that prefer to sit back and let them do just that. Why do you think the County pays Mr Lloyd to sit there in his office at County expense and just simply deny all who apply: because the County is required by law to have this office to assist its citizens in need. They can run this office contrary to law until someone stands up and fights for their rights and the rights of others. The only time Corupshur County does right is when it is forced to do so. As Judge Fowler stated “We do what we want. We don’t care. We don’t have to pay. Our insurance company pays, not us.” This was his position when the County was sued by a former County Employee to which their insurance company had to pay. When will Upshur County residents open their eyes and demand justice from their County Officials. I understand that the County Commissioner’s Court has now voted to refuse citizens the right to voice themselves at their meetings. Who do they think they are, who do they think they represent, who do they think pays their lucrative salaries. If your not protecting the rights of the individual you are not protecting the rights of all.





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Too funny
January 02, 2011


News Story is at: #

The newstory and video is on the KLTV website

Three Upshur County Officials were charged with official oppression and abuse of official capacity by a grand jury.

Sheriff Anthony Betteron, Judge Dean Fowler, and precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree all turned themselves in after they were charged.

These charges stem from the Upshur County Commissioner's court ending public comments at meetings.

KLTV has also learned that Upshur County Judge Dean Fowler cast the tie-breaking vote to once again, allow public comment at meetings.

For weeks, residents taped their mouths shut in silent protest during the meetings. Some even wore their disgust with the rule on their sleeves, wearing shirts that read "Can you hear me now?"

Public comment will be allowed at the next meeting, but two new commissioners are expected to join the court after the first of the year.