by Calvin_Monasco
 “Dying in CorUpshur County”
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I have hired three Attorneys been appointed three Attorneys and spoken too countless others and I have yet to find one who will defend my civil rights. One turned totally against me so I had to fire him. Another refused to represent me and told me he had read my blogs and wanted nothing to do with my civil rights and told Upshur County he no longer would take Court appointed cases. Another did absolutely nothing to help me for over a year and still to this day. Another was appointed to me after my trial had already begun and new absolutely nothing about my case and Judge Parish asked the plaintiffs Attorney to recommend him and she specifically asked him if he knew an Attorney who knew nothing about the case. This she did in open Court. She then went to her chambers called him and adjourned proceedings until his arrival. When he arrived she allowed us to step out in hall to discuss my case the plaintiff Attorney followed us out there. We were out there only about two minutes and my Attorney spent most of that time talking to their Attorney before we returned to court and Parish resumed the trial. My Court appointed Attorney still new nothing about my case. I have yet to find an Attorney to help me. None of the six Attorneys three appointed and three bought and paid for would help me or tell me why they wouldn't  The Countless number of Attorneys who refused to represent me told me why. They are afraid. Afraid to stand up to a Sheriff District Attorney and two Judges about my civil rights as a US citizen. I'm broke homeless ill on foot and at my wits end. If anyone out would be willing to stick his neck out to help me I would kiss your feet. If you can help please leave contact info in comment or email me at I used to beleive I lived in a great Country with "LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL". Thanks for taking time to read this blog. Thank God I still have free speech and thank you Gilmer Mirror for allowing me a place to vent. 

Lawyers make me want to puke

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