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 The state of the Republic!
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7 January  2010

A Call to Action

Brother and Sister patriots the time is upon, the critical hour, in which we are or will be compelled to take action against the socialist tyrants that are attempting to take what our founding fathers fought, and thought so hard to create.   Make no mistake my fellow countrymen and women, and let me be perfectly clear, these thoughts and arguments are not based on race, and I hold no party affiliation other that affiliation to our Lord Jesus Christ who by His own sacrifice granted us the freedoms that we have enjoyed in this the greatest nation in the world.

Brother and Sister I call your attention to the recent events of the past year.  The citizens of this, or shall I say the voters of this country have elected the first black president.  This in itself is a historical event.  However, is saddens my heart to now see that my worst fears are being confirmed.  Our president and those who are in control in our government are proving to be socialist, or at least have those tendencies.  I can see no way that they will be able to impose their views for the future of this country upon us and be able to say with a clear consciences that they have been loyal to the American values laid down by great men such as Washington, Adams, Monroe, Franklin, Jefferson, and all the patriots who shed their life blood to create this great democracy we enjoy today.

Brothers and Sisters I charge each of you to pay close attention to what your government is attempting to do.  Pay close attention to the attempts to institute government run healthcare.  It seems to me that this is the key that they will use to unleash the socialist movement upon the citizens of our republic.  This issue alone will give them access to control every aspect of our lives. for all things can be linked to healthcare.  All things in you life, brothers and sisters, can be determined to be or good or bad depending on the agenda they wish to enforce.  For instance, they may attempt to take your weapons and firearms by using the argument that care for the injuries caused by these weapons are too costly. In much the same way tobacco will cost the system money, cheese burgers will cost the system money, fried chicken will cost them money, and as you can see just about any thing they want will be negative on the progressive socialist system that they wish to impose.

Brothers and Sisters these are ruthless people.  They will go to any and all lengths to accomplish their agenda, implement their programs, and further their cause because they believe you are not smart enough or courageous enough to make informed decisions for yourself or for you family.  It seems to me that the way they will accomplish their agenda is through the IRS.  Higher taxes are coming our way patriots. After the taxes, they will seek to silence any opposition to the agenda by shutting down all opposing views both private and public.  Patriots must stand up, and speak up for LIBERTY, for that is what this paper is about. 

As a patriot I have decided that I must make these views known.  These views are more likely than not shared by countless other patriots out there who are afraid to speak out.  It is my belief that our, the patriot reform action, must start on the local level.  We must clearly tell our local leaders that a republican form of government is the only one we will accept.  Only a republic democracy that is fiscally conservative will be allowed.  The liberal “pissing off of public money” will not be accepted at any level.  The government can only exist to protect the citizens and provide them with basic services such as protection, and law enforcement and services of such.  All other aspects of individual life must be left to the individual alone as set forth in the CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STAES OF AMERICA!  We must start by making it clear to our local leaders that we will not tolerate our rights being infringed upon by those elected to protect those rights, that we put those public leaders in their positions and we can remove them.  We, as patriots, must make it clear through public voices and demonstrations such as TEA Party movements that it does not matter if they are of the Democrat or Republican Party affiliation.  They will be judged solely on their lower case ”r” republican views, or a republic form of government “of the people, for the people, and by the people”.  Elected leaders of the Patriot party must embrace the ideals and values set forth by our founding fathers, and embodied by the CONSTITUTION.  The rights of all citizens must be observed and protected from abuse by the government be it local, state, or federal.  Our government is accountable to us and only us, but we are not accountable to it.

Brothers and Sisters there will be hard times ahead of us.  We will struggle for years to come because we have allowed our government to grow into an unmanageable mutation of the intended form.  We must start today on the journey, the same kind of journey our founding fathers undertook, to take control of our destiny and secure a bright and prosperous further for our children and grandchildren.

Brothers and Sisters I hope that this writing will inspire you to make you government answer to you, and not you to it.  I encourage you to keep the faith, to fight the fight as you see fit, and always remember to tell them DON’T TREAD ON ME!

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