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An Essay Writing about music in the 80s
by ozie
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With the recent news about the death of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, it might be a good idea to do an essay writing about the musical period that he lorded over, the 1980s.

An essay writing about the period could try to grasp the landscape of the era. The music of the 1980s was the time when synthesized sounds gained popularity and mainstream use. Besides that it was a continuation of the  music trends in the 1970s (especially in rock). It was also during this period where  the genre of New Wave music became much more famous and accepted world wide.

Other topics that the essay can discuss about music in the 80s include:

  1. The pop music phenomenon – The essay writing could discuss how Pop got a big boost during the 1980s. This was because of artists who were able to capture the imagination of the people such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and his sister Janet.

  2. The metal music – The essay writing could also tackle another genre that became introduced during the period, Metal. Duing the 1980's metal bands like Iron Maiden and artists such as Ozzy Osbourne. Other than metal, thrash acts such as Megadeth and Metallica also debuted during the period.
  3. Hip Hop – Another genre that an essay writing can focus on is pop-hip hop. This was espceially true during the late 80s and early 90s. Acs that were famous during that time period were Grandmaster Flash, Salt n Pepa, Beastie Boys,NWA,Kiss, and Run DMC.
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