tax dollars well spent yeah right by sanford.jb
sherriff department harrassing very ill heart patient
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Let the games begin
by sanford.jb
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How can the Upshur County Sherriff's Department harrass the public about a man that has no warrants and has not been convicted of an crime YET? I thought it was innocent until proven guilty but i see as everyone should see or should know in this day and time it's guilty until proven innocent. Our justice system sucks and the priorities of this country are all screwed up. The harrassed ill heart patient is my father-in-law and the county still after 5 times including last night, continues to harrass him about his brother that still to this day has not been proven guilty by a jury of his peers. Now the harrassment has ended up on my doorstep and i have a wife and four kids asking what's going on.How do you explain that to the family? On one occassion they harrassed my father-in-law at Upshur Rural Electric. They thought he was with his brother to turn the lights back on at the family owned farm and 3 or 4 deputies, WITH GUNS ABLAZING, ran into the electric company looking for,BY LAW INNOCENT, a man that he told them was not there. WHAT A JOKE?  With this kind of action, we should all feel embarrised by their tactics. It's like they're trying to live out some Hollywood movie scene and make a name for their self. I have no respect for them, if this is how they act i think it would be cheaper for the taxpayers to hire some Hollywood actors. WE WOULD GET THE SAME RESULT BUT AT LEAST WE WOULD KNOW IT'S ALL A MOVIE. This is just one case of abuse of the law but really how many more cases like this is out there? But really, who can you complain to? There is no one.  

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mikael mccaskill
April 29, 2010
This is the problem with small town law enforecement. There are certain code of ethics and written standard operating procedure that each law enforcement officer should follow without prejudice. If they have a warrant for this man's arrest then they are in good reason to question relatives about said persons whereabouts. If they believe that one person is possibly harboring this fugtive, then it's the responsibility of the department to secure a valid search warrant and search the property legally and professionally. It is bad form and possibly harrassment to continue to visit ones home constantly without probable cause. I am not an attorney nor a peace officer. I would expect the Sheriff to arrange an explanation to this claim.

We are tax paying law abiding citizens of this county. I being one of them would like to petition the Sheriff's department to investigate this mans claim and offer that family either a proper reason or an apology. This man deserves closure on this matter. Thank you